Gene Francis is Back for General Hospital

ABC announced that the famous actress Genie Francis is coming back to General Hospital. It seems her role has been on again off again for several years now. She first appeared on the show back in the 1970’s and quickly became a member of one of the most noticeable couples in soap opera history.

Francis plays Laura Spencer and she was hooked up with Luke Spencer. Fans like Gianfrancesco Genoso know that the duo’s wedding in the 1980’s was by far the most memorable of all time. Even the news channels hyped the union and it was everything they expected it to be. Over the years though, the couple split and got back together more times than you could count. This caused fans to tire of the drama and long for a romantic union between the two.

When Francis last left the show, she was taken to a mental hospital and written off. However, fans are wanting a great storyline for her that is full of love and Luke Spencer. Hopefully with the declining ratings of the show, they will give the fans what they want and with whom they want it.

There has been no official announcement as to how many episodes she will appear in or if she is there for the long haul. At any rate, it is a good move on the executives part by brining back this iconic legend even if it is just for a few episodes.

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