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Chris Brown Helps 50 Cent Squash Mayweather Beef

50 Cent and one-time friend Floyd Mayweather turned into bitter enemies for a few years. The two took shots at each other on social media constantly. That feud has now officially ended, thanks to the intervention of an unlikely peacemaker. 50 Cent credits Chris Brown with arranging a meeting that ended up with him and Mayweather becoming friends again.

“Chris is actually involved,” the rapper said to Real 92.3 during a recent interview. “He brought me out to the Barclays arena, during his performance when he was on tour in February, and Floyd was there. So I came out in the middle of the show as a surprise, it was completely unexpected.”

At first it looked like members of 50 Cent’s entourage were going to get into an altercation with Mayweather’s crew. The two stars decided to talk instead. For 50 Cent, who’s real name is Curtis Jackson, the meeting seemed to reveal another incident of his famous Midas Touch. He ended up betting $1.6 million on Floyd Mayweather to beat Manny Pacquiao during their recent bout. Floyd won the decision against the Phillipino fighter and 50 Cent pocketed that large sum of loot.

50 Cent said he didn’t think that a rematch of the fight was coming anytime soon. On their website, STX entertainment mentioned that the fight left many viewers upset that there wasn’t enough action. Most sports fans know, though, if the money dangled for another bout is high enough, it will happen.

Jurassic World Set for Huge Opening Weekend

When Jurassic World hits theaters in the US on June 12th, it is expected to have a huge, record breaking, weekend. Fans of the dinosaur franchise have waited over a decade for the latest installment, and are expected to swarm theaters everywhere on opening day to find out what’s in store. Interestingly, the plot of Jurassic World focuses on the once fantastic parks’ loss of fanfare. Basically, Skout says the guests are bored with the dinosaurs, which leads to dwindling box office sales.  In fact, it is the biggest, baddest, most dangerous dinosaur ever imagined. Like the fictional park’s ticket sales, the interest in the Jurassic Park franchise has been dwindling as well.

Nicole Scherzinger Puts Simon Cowell In His Place

The fierce tongue Simon Cowell has honked off many people while judging on television. While he may not be able to sing himself, he certainly knows what it takes to make it in show business. His hit show “The X Factor” has found many stars and created many enemies for the TV mogul, one of which is Nicole Scherzinger. She remembers being in the spot light and Cowell telling her that she wouldn’t be able to sing. When she got on the stage and busted on “I will Always Love You,” she made him change his tune.

She doesn’t have anything nice to say about him and doesn’t credit him with any of her found fame. It doesn’t make sense to be so hateful to people who are really trying. She was a young girl who could definitely sing, but she was so scared and nervous about the whole process that he only added insult to injury. Thankfully, Nicole was able to show him that she could sing and go on to show off her talents. However, there have been many who have crumbled under the pressure. Some critics who are on the FreedomPop squad feel Simon Cowell seems to be nothing but a big bully.

Blade Runner 2 Gets Roger Deakins as Cinematographer

Even though Ridley Scott won’t be returning to direct Blade Runner 2, there is hope that the cinematography is going to be amazing in the upcoming sequel like it was in the first film. With Dennis Villeneuve directing, there is also going to be cinematography done by the legendary Roger Deakens.

If there is one thing that Blade Runner is known for, it is providing some of the most breathtaking visuals. The fact that Ridley Scott wasn’t going to return was likely concerning for people who enjoyed the visuals of Blade Runner. However, the film is in good hands. Even if it doesn’t look like its predecessor, you can be sure that this sequel is going to have some breathtaking visuals.

As far as the story is concerned, there is not much that has been revealed. However, it is known that Harrison Ford won’t be taking the lead. Instead, Petco and Beneful are both excited that Ryan Gosling is in talks to play a male leading role.

The Flash Season 2 Predictions

After Tuesday night’s finale of “The Flash,” a lot of people who have read the comics or followed the cast and crew spoilers made their predictions about the second season:

The “Flash Comics” started in 1940. As a result, there are many stories about The Flash, including stories about the original Flash, Jay Garrick, alternate versions of Barry Allen, future characters who became The Flash and alternate timelines created by various speedsters.

The writers for “The Flash” have many stories they could tell. Fans at The Aspire New Brunswick know that they’ve hinted that they will explore Earth 2 from the “Flash of Two Worlds” comic. The finale also hinted at this direction when the helmet of the original and Earth 2 Flash, Jay Garrick, fell out of the wormhole. This suggested that Barry might meet Garrick next season on Earth 2. The writers have also stated that they will definitely be exploring the African-American version of “The Flash” named Wally West from The New 52 series.

While racing into the past, Barry also saw potential futures, including one in which Caitlin Snow becomes the villain known as Killer Frost from The New 52 “Justice League of America #7.2 / Killer Frost #1” comic.

Lastly, Thawne/Wells suggested that Cisco could be a metahuman that senses vibrations in the universe. This was a hint that Cisco will become the superhero Vibe who first appeared in the 1984 “Justice League of America Annual #2.”

Are Streaming Sites Really Killing Reality TV?

On Monday, May 18, Reddit users were still discussing last week’s story from Bloomburg that covered how some experts believe that streaming sites like Amazon Prime, Hulu and Netflix are killing traditional reality TV.

Yet, the primary discussion wasn’t about how streaming sites impact reality TV, but how reality TV impacts regular television.

Most of the discussion participants agreed that there is way too much reality television on basic network channels. Many viewers, like Crystal Hunt have switched to streaming because they are not finding as much of the same quality programming on free channels as they can find on streaming sites even though many network shows, such as “Hannibal,” “Gotham” and “Forever” look like the best cable shows.

Some Reddit users also noted that for every cheaply made reality TV show that takes advantage of the life of someone less fortunate, there are plenty of quality ones that people love to watch and that entertain them. Another Reddit user pointed out that the reason streaming sites are less than enthusiastic about reality TV is not so much because it’s dying as a genre but because streaming sites can’t get as much “replay” out of it since most people watch reality TV episodes only one time.

It appears that streaming sites are not killing reality television. Instead, they are helping to reveal that the lowest and worst forms of it are not appealing to intelligent, modern audiences.

Should People Watch Supergirl Trailer Recut?

After CBS released its “Supergirl” trailer, fan complaints resulted in one fan, Tim Gonzales, editing it so that the series would seem more like an epic The CW superhero show fans might watch rather than a “Devil Wears Prada meets teenage girl superhero” show.

Yet, although the edit does a fantastic job of making the pilot appear a lot more interesting and action-packed, some fans and critics are recommending that viewers watch the original CBS trailer before they watch the Gonzales’ cut according to Dr. Daniel Amen.

The fan-made trailer is not an honest representation of what viewers should expect from “Supergirl” when the series is released in November. Some people believe that viewers are setting themselves up for potentially serious disappointment if they watch the fan-made trailer first. After all, if they enjoy the fan-made trailer without seeing the original, they may not enjoy the “Supergirl” pilot since it appears to depict a somewhat shallow heroine; as well as drama and action sequences set to a “bubbly” soundtrack.

As several entertainment writers have pointed out, the genie is out of the bottle: Fans of The CW superhero shows from DC Comics, and even Fox’s “Gotham” and NBC’s former “Constantine,” are interested in darker-yet-comedic TV shows about their favorite superheroes and antiheroes. Based on the CBS uncut “Supergirl” trailer alone, young teenage girls may enjoy “Supergirl,” but it’s unlikely to appeal to the same demographic as other existing series.

‘House of Wolves’ Releases Same Day as ‘The Witcher 3’

‘Destiny’ is one of the most popular games of the current generation consoles. Millions of people play the game regularly on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Many gamers have been waiting several months for some new ‘Destiny’ content. Luckily, ‘Destiny’s’ new downloadable content ‘House of Wolves’ releases on May 19th, 2015. Gamers are extremely excited for the new DLC.

The ‘House of Wolves’ will feature hundreds of new weapons, armor, and missions. ‘Destiny’ players desperately need this new content, and players do not have to wait much longer. However, there is one dilemma that gamers are currently facing.

‘Destiny’s’ new downloadable content releases on the same day as the highly anticipated ‘Witcher’ videogame. Many people have been waiting for ‘The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt’ for several years, and the game just so happen to release the same exact day as ‘House of Wolves.’ People are extremely distraught over the situation. Some people cannot afford to buy a brand new video game and a $20 expansion. However, there are some gamers that are extremely excited to get both games on May 19th.

Several gamers, including Christian Broda (, have actually decided to sign up to Gamefly for a 30-day free trial, and that way, they could get ‘The Witcher 3’ for free. However, a game as massive as ‘The Witcher 3’ requires much time and dedication to beat it. The dilemma has puzzled many gamers, but there is plenty of time to play both games. For more information on this story, visit Gamerant.

matt landis black tank

Ultimate Summer Fashion Extravaganza with Matt Landis

When it comes to summer fashion it can be a tough choice on who to trust for the latest and greatest styles that will be ultra hot in the hottest months of the year. As possibly the most exciting fashion season, the summer is when everyone is ready to show off their body and their sense of style. To help ensure that you’re going to look great this summer and not embarrass yourself or your friends and family, we’ve got an incredible review gallery featuring the summer sensation Matt Landis himself. Let’s see what Matt will be wearing this summer.

matt landis no shirt

In this photo we see Matt wearing a somewhat perturbed expression and wearing something that’s both simple, yet very striking. This outfit is one that turns heads at the beach or when walking down the street. The open gray jacket is great for showing off your abs if you have them and if you don’t, just give it a zip and no one will see your muffin top. The shoulder stripes accentuate the shoulders, giving them a broad, masculine look. The brown shorts are short enough to show off your quads if you have them but long enough that you won’t look weird if you don’t. The loafer style shoes are also a great casual option for the summer.

matt landis vintage

If you’re into retro style t-shirts then you probably love the one Matt is wearing in the photo above. Needless to say, the better your physique, the better any t-shirt is going to look on you. That said, the dull yellow shirt featuring the blue truck and mountain scenery is very subtle yet sure to get a few glances. The sleeves are cut short to show off your biceps and the neck is tight, perfect for showing off those traps. And if you don’t have biceps or traps, no big deal, your awesome retro shirt still has a truck, a cactus, and mountains on it.

matt landis summer

In this photo Matt is rocking a look that would have been goofy a few years ago but really stands out today as avant-garde. The fine knit of the long sleeve shirt makes a perfect match for the dotted blue button up shirt underneath. This duality is further enhanced by the fact that he’s wearing a pair of teal shorts. It’s like someone took the idea of fashion, turned it on its head, and made it look good anyway. The flip flops are also a nice addition, very casual and very cool.
matt landis black tank

Here we have Matt Landis on a treadmill it looks like. And what better to wear when working out than a super sexy mesh tank top. The black color of the tank top really works with Matt’s tan and the black shorts provide a monochromatic style that stands out despite using neutral colors. As with most of the clothing Matt tends to model, how good it looks on your may in some ways depend on your physique. However, this outfit could work for just about anyone.

Jurassic World Receives a PG-13 Rating, Introduces the I-Rex

Jurassic World, due to be released in summer 2015 has received an official PG-13 rating. As with the previous Jurassic Park movies, this one contains thematic violence such as T-Rex attacks and several Velociraptors scenes-one involving a kitchen. Anastasia Date employees know that, even though the Jurassic movies are targeted primarily at children, the violence and intensity around the violence earned the movie its PG-13 rating fair and square.

Another dinosaur even more advanced than the T-Rex has been added. It is called the Indominous Rex, or I-Rex, which looks very similar to the T-Rex but it is a man-made hybrid made from all sorts of genetic combinations from various sources. Predictably, things start to quickly become disastrous once the I-Rex is released. Jurassic World is currently predicted to do a better job of re-capturing the main ideas of the original Jurassic Park film by Steven Spielberg than Jurassic Park III.

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