Actor Search for Spider-Man Narrows Down

After much debate and discussion by both fans and the media, it is now being reported that the actors who could be playing Spider-Man in the upcoming Marvel movies have been narrowed down to two worthy contenders – Asa Butterfield and Tom Holland. These two have been favorites for playing the superhero whose teenage university years would be explored in movies to come. Both Butterfield and Holland and brilliant actors who look the part, so it would not be heartbreaking for the fans of either if the other one is chosen.

A lot of fans, however, are lamenting the loss of Andrew Garfield as Spider-Man. The actor did wonderful work in the latest movies and was actually a lot more popular than Tobey Maguire. Andrew Garfield was the amazing Spider-Man, in every sense of the word. After the franchise decided that it needed a new face for the makeover the character would be getting, it seems that Garfield is the one who has lost the most. Recently, it was also revealed how the actor found out that he wasn’t going to be Spider-Man any more.

However, the men of the moment are definitely Holland and Butterfield, the young actors who have already charmed critics and fans alike with their work on various high profile movies. Fans like Igor Cornelsen agree that it seems Butterfield is still the favorite to bag the role but only time will tell whether Marvel agrees with the public on this or not.

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