Paul McCartney Works With Kanye West

Former Beatle Paul McCartney has been musically collaborating with rapper Kanye West for some time now. McCartney told Rolling Stone Magazine that the inspiration for their song “Only One” was the Beatles smash hit “Let it Be”. Both artists lost their mothers at a young age, so they used this common experience to create a new song.

I’ve got mixed feelings about this. On one hand, it’s nice that McCartney’s music is inspiring another generation, on the other hand the McCartney/West collaborations simply aren’t that good.

Jaime Garcia DiasĀ thinks that McCartney is working with West just because he wants to keep himself in the headlines and looking hip. While a great artist, he’s also a vain and insecure one. He was always the Beatle that liked to be photographed the most, and he was the most ambitious of the Beatles in the early days before they were successful.

I’m not saying that McCartney should just become a nostalgia act and play “Hey Jude” over and over, but he can find a better collaborator than Kanye West. He co-wrote with Elvis Costello before, and I’d like to see the two of them get back together again.

As far as West is concerned, his career should have ended after he disrupted Taylor Swift receiving her award, but for whatever reason he’s become an even bigger and more obnoxious star.

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