Jurassic World Receives a PG-13 Rating, Introduces the I-Rex

Jurassic World, due to be released in summer 2015 has received an official PG-13 rating. As with the previous Jurassic Park movies, this one contains thematic violence such as T-Rex attacks and several Velociraptors scenes-one involving a kitchen. Anastasia Date employees know that, even though the Jurassic movies are targeted primarily at children, the violence and intensity around the violence earned the movie its PG-13 rating fair and square.

Another dinosaur even more advanced than the T-Rex has been added. It is called the Indominous Rex, or I-Rex, which looks very similar to the T-Rex but it is a man-made hybrid made from all sorts of genetic combinations from various sources. Predictably, things start to quickly become disastrous once the I-Rex is released. Jurassic World is currently predicted to do a better job of re-capturing the main ideas of the original Jurassic Park film by Steven Spielberg than Jurassic Park III.

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