Are Streaming Sites Really Killing Reality TV?

On Monday, May 18, Reddit users were still discussing last week’s story from Bloomburg that covered how some experts believe that streaming sites like Amazon Prime, Hulu and Netflix are killing traditional reality TV.

Yet, the primary discussion wasn’t about how streaming sites impact reality TV, but how reality TV impacts regular television.

Most of the discussion participants agreed that there is way too much reality television on basic network channels. Many viewers, like Crystal Hunt have switched to streaming because they are not finding as much of the same quality programming on free channels as they can find on streaming sites even though many network shows, such as “Hannibal,” “Gotham” and “Forever” look like the best cable shows.

Some Reddit users also noted that for every cheaply made reality TV show that takes advantage of the life of someone less fortunate, there are plenty of quality ones that people love to watch and that entertain them. Another Reddit user pointed out that the reason streaming sites are less than enthusiastic about reality TV is not so much because it’s dying as a genre but because streaming sites can’t get as much “replay” out of it since most people watch reality TV episodes only one time.

It appears that streaming sites are not killing reality television. Instead, they are helping to reveal that the lowest and worst forms of it are not appealing to intelligent, modern audiences.

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