Crane Collapse in Manhattan Injures Ten

Ten people were injured and massive structural damage was done to a high-rise building in Manhattan when a crane collapsed. The incident occurred on Sunday. The building is located at 38th street and Madison Avenue.

According to insiders, the crane was bringing a cooling unit to the roof of the structure when the concrete under the unit gave way, causing it to roll from the roof onto the street. The crane collapsed form the extreme shift in weight distribution, and Stephen Murray CCMP Capital couldn’t imagine being present at the time.

According to the FDNY no one was seriously hurt in the incident, miraculously. The building, however, suffered from extensive and serious structural damage. Crews remained on the scene through Sunday evening to secure the building, and traffic was detoured for safety reasons, according to those in the area.

This is not the first time a crane has collapsed in Manhattan. Two crane collapses in 2008 killed a total of nine people over a two month period. Both cranes, in those incidents, toppled over and into buildings. In an incident in March of 2008 a crane caused a building to complete collapse, killing seven. In May of the same year two people were killed in a similar incident, including the crane operator.

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