Guns N’ Roses’ Guitarist Gets Into A Scuffle

The rumors about heavy metal musicians giving up their wayward ways of the 1980’s and 1990’s are false. Just ask Guns N’ Roses’ guitarist DJ Ashba about that. He recently got into a major fight over an e-cigarette. If you didn’t know Ashba is the current guitarist for the band, you are not alone. There have been so many lineup changes, even diehard GNR fans have lost count. There might even be a few more members in and out of the band by the time you read this.

In all seriousness, Ashba was “vaping” at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas and enjoying a concert put on by Romeo Santos. Another concertgoer, Brad Reifler, was less than thrilled about the water vapor hitting him the face, words were exchanged, and a scuffle broke out. Websites are picking up the reports, although major news outlets are ignoring it. Some might say this is because Guns N’ Roses’ star has fallen so much over the past 20 years no mainstream interest exists. To a certain degree, that is true. Also true is the fact that hard rock and heavy metal as a whole has shrunk back to the niche it once possessed prior to the 1980’s revolution.

Tales about fistfights and brawls used to translate into a lot of buzz and boosted record/CD sales. Not so much today.

Ashba has noted that there is going to be a new Guns N’ Roses album coming out. He said the band has a lot of great new material and it just needs to be recorded. We can always hope when the new material comes out it brings back some great memories of the glory days of hard rock.

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