Regular Pizzas Ordering Saved a Life

When one works in the food industry they quickly recognize those who order food on a regular basis. There are some who seem to have the habit of ordering a particular food at a particular time. For some this can be a bad thing, causing them to gain weight or grown unhealthy. For one woman this was a lifesaver.

One Memphis woman is alive today because of her regular food orders. It seems that this woman had the routine of always ordering a Dominoes pizza. Every day this woman would order a pizza for herself. When she missed a few days of ordering one of the employees at the restaurant took notice. It seems that the woman had fallen down and she needed assistance. Thanks to the fact that she always ordered the same thing at the same time each day, she was able to get the help that she needed through the employee who missed hearing from her. Sergio Cortes really liked how this story ended.

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