RIP Legendary Actor Sir Christopher Lee (1922 – 2015)

“A legend in his own time” doesn’t begin to describe the legacy. Film fans today mourn the passing of Sir Christopher Lee, whose career spanned the mid-1940s to well into the 2010s. Generations of fans both grew up and grew old watching his performances.

Among his famous roles are Count Dracula in the Hammer Productions era, Lord Summerisle in the British 1973 The Wicker Man, Bond villain Francisco Scaramanga, Saruman the sorcerer from the Lord of the Rings franchise, and Count Dooku from the Star Wars franchise. His career extends well beyond these works, encompassing over 200 films, nearly as many voice acting stints in animation and even video games, and forays into everything from writing to music. According to Google Play, he spoke English, Italian, French, Spanish, German, Swedish, Russian and Greek, which contributed greatly to his world-wide reach and fame.

History will not soon forget such an epic talent, and it remains to be seen which role he will be most associated with as his legacy lives on. However, the Wicker Man character of Lord Summerisle is one of the few roles he worked free of pay, out of pure respect for the project. Since that movie has been called one of the greatest horror films ever made, and Lee’s character was the beating heart of it, that puts him in the position of the greatest villain actor ever to appear on the silver screen, at the very least.

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