Netflix to Venture into Animated Programming

Whatever success Netflix has achieved, all of the success is well deserved. Rather than just rest on its accomplishments as a mail order DVD provider and online streaming service, the company has opted to produce a number of popular original programs. The success of those programs has nudged Netflix to start work on original movies. Now, the company is choosing to venture into the world of animated programming.

One very interesting new animated programs slated for the pipeline is Tarzan & Jane, another retelling of the adventures of Edgar Rice Burroughs very famous characters. Four other animated series are being planned by the Network.

The decision to stream animated programming might be a shock to some. Really, it shouldn’t. Movie lovers like Sam Tabar know that Netflix is trying to capture as wide of an audience as possible and providing programming for kids could help in that regard.

Most pay channel and internet services focus on offering adult-oriented fare and have done so to great success. Yet, younger audiences have been mostly ignored by the pay channel giants. Netflix surely sees an opening here and is going to capitalize on a market others ignored.

This happened before. Back in the 1960’s, no one was really watching Saturday morning programming. The networks opted to try a new direction and aired cartoons aimed at kids. The end result was a massive success that lasted until the mid-1980’s.

Let us hope Netflix similar success.

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