Lifetime Network To Air A “Full House” Movie

It seems as if “Full House” is making a big comeback lately, even though the show ended a long time ago says Mr Amazing Loan. Lifetime Network is the number one station out there that tends to make unauthorized movies based on information that they received from insiders. The “Full House” Movie. They recently made a non-authorized Aaliyah movie, and many fans were very upset about the movie. Many were upset because some of the songs in the movie were misnamed, and the cast was not on point either.

Lifetime even promised an unauthorized “Saved By The Bell” movie as well as other movies too. Now Lifetime is tackling Full House, and they put out a teaser showing that they will be airing a Full House movie. Full House is in the news again because they are creating a new show called “Fuller House,” which will feature almost the entire cast of the original show. The only people that will be missing from the new show are the Olsen twins, who opted out of the project.

The show will star Bob Saget, who is the one bringing everyone together for the new show. The new show, which will be airing on Netflix, and many people are anticipating the return of the Tanner family to the small screen again. In the meantime, the movie that Lifetime will be putting out, its supposed to come out in August 2015, and they did a great job on creating a similar looking Full House set.

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