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Joseph Bismark Makes Spiritual Changes to Marketing


I believe marketing is in serious need of a change. For one thing, I do notice that a lot of people in marketing do not have peace of mind and spiritual fulfillment as one of their goals. In fact, many businesses are run in a dishonest manner. In looking at this issue, I have found this article on the WordPress blog, named Please Don’t Ask Alice. This article talks about how Joseph Bismark is changing marketing. He is incorporating spirituality into business and marketing and showing how the two can work together. His approach to business has improved things on the employer and employee side of the issue as well as the customer’s end.

When I have read about Joseph Bismark’s business practices, I have noticed that he is practically the opposite of most other business owners. He does not act as if he is superior to others, even though he has started and owns the business. He see’s the same thing in everyone that has been revealed in himself. He understands that everyone has the potential to be great. It does not matter their background or their past. He understands that with the right environment, people will achieve great things. He also looks mostly at the benefit of the customer instead of just the bottom line of profits. 

As more people listen to Joseph Bismark, more people are looking for ways to apply the principles that he has learn and is teaching, to their business as well. They are also looking for ways to apply it in other areas of their lives too. Business is just one aspect of life. Other aspects include relationships, emotional well being, and mental health. As Joseph Bismark continues to change minds, he also continues to change the face of business. As more businesses adopt his principles, more business experience peaceful work environment and greater levels of success.

FreedomPop Recieves an Influx of $30 Million in Funding

After careful consideration FreedomPop has decided to remain independent. The CEO of FreedomPop, Stephen Stokols was influenced by an unsuspecting source. While watching Season 1 of Silicon Valley, Stokols was impacted by Pied Pieper, a fictional character in the series. Pied Piper opted to remain independent instead of sell. The characters decision within the series solidified Stokols decision to remain independent and to continue to grow the company.

FreedomPop has received additional funding from Patech Ventures a European venture capital group. In addition to funds from existing investors Mangrove Capital and DCM Capital. The company also has a strategic partner that that will be reveal at a later time. The influx of new capital resulted in adding $30 million dollars of funding to the startup.

As a freemium mobile provider, FreedomPop offers a unique service of 100% free mobile phones with high speed internet service. Customers are able to receive free talk, text and data with the purchase of a FreedomPop device. The company prides itself in offering services without any contracts or hassles. Unfortunately Freedom Pop has struggled in terms of offering quality customer service. An area that Stokols readily recognizes as a weak spot. FreedomPop has taken steps to remedy this situation by improving the customer experience with human interaction and software.

Even with the concerns in the customer service department, Stokols believes the company will be worth 3 to 4 times more by expanding internationally. Despite the plans to increase market share overseas Freedom Pop is currently focusing on sales close to home. One area of expansion is the sale of their devices through “Big Box” retailers. The current devices and services are currently only available online. Freedom Pop services and devices are expected to be available in stores in October.

Visual Effects Methods Evolution

About twenty years ago, there were different methods for crafting visual effects. CGI is a relatively new method compared to the other methods of visual effects. There are plenty of different methods and purposes for using visual effects. WPTV says that among the many purposes for visual effects were enhancement of the action and the environment. One example of visual effects is matte painting. A visual effects artist would paint a picture of a piece of environment or something else. The editors would combine the shot that does not have the visual effects with the matte painting in order to achieve the intended effect. This used to be done with 70MM film in order to minimize the loss of quality in the shot.

Matte painting is actually a very respected method of visual effects. However, these days the effect is achieved with the use of computers. It is not as simple as it sounds, the lighting has to match with the two shots as they are combined. Anything that is off in the shots could ruin the effect that was intended by the shot. This is why studios look to companies such as Pulse Evolution Corporation run by John Textor. These companies are experts at bringing the intended effect to life for the audience.

Among the many notable films with digital effects are Star Wars, Blade Runner, Terminator 2: Judgment Day, among other films. These films are recognized for their achievement in visual effects and are even known for changing the industry in their release.

Slyce Helps You Find Products Quickly

Ever look at a product in a store and wonder how much that same item is priced elsewhere? Traditional shopping would require you to pound the pavement going to each store, or do an online search and wade through dozens, if not hundreds, of search results trying to find the exact match to the product you saw. Now there is a new technology that makes finding that product online as simple as clicking a picture of it with your smartphone, then submitting the photo to a Product Recognition search that uses Slyce corporation’s technology to quickly list the details of that exact product, where it is available and at what price and without any wading through false-positive results.

One of the options on Google’s search is to use a photograph as your search request input. A sophisticated Content Based Image Retrieval algorithm is employed to make matches that very closely fit the look of the entered photo from anywhere on the Internet, world wide. This is accomplished by a huge number of complicated comparisons of the submitted image’s internal components to potential matches found on the Internet. This includes texture, shape, color, attached logo figures, and metadata for the picture. This process takes a lot of cycles of processing, but the added CPU load is necessary to obtain better search matches than simple text meta-tag searches can produce.

This biggest leader in this product recognition technology is When merchants employ Slyce’s custom technology, or even Slyce’s off-the-shelf packages, such as their SnipSnap, Pounce, and Craves software, consumers are delighted to be able to quickly find comparisons of a product with the snap of a picture on their smartphones. Shopping will never be difficult again for those customers who take advantage of Slyce’s product recognition. Merchants like it because it increases sales to well-informed consumers and mostly because of their resulting enlarged presence on the Internet.

AnastasiaDate Is The Spot To Start Looking For Love

Dating has changed so much over the years that many people these days are more accustomed to dating online, compared to dating in person. It can be a lot of fun to date someone online, especially since they are someone new, and nothing is known about them. Finding a date online can be a challenge, especially if the person doesn’t know what they’re looking for. Maybe the person has a certain idea of what they want, but how will they find that person? AnastasiaDate is an excellent website when it comes to finding love because there are many women available on the website.

AnastasiaDate has women from Russia that are on the website, and there are thousands of them available at any given time. The women will join the website specifically to look for men who are in the USA, and the website can help to bring the two people together. Although AnastasiaDate is an international dating website, it’s a great choice for anyone who is looking for something new. It may not be easy to date in one’s own country, so AnastasiaDate is great for those don’t mind dating outside of their country.

It’s very possible to find the perfect woman overseas, instead of finding them right next door. AnastasiaDate has a simple set up, and all a person needs to do is to go to the website, and create an account. Once an account is created, then the person will have full access to all the women that are on the website. There are thousands of women to choose from, but many men will pick the top 1000 women on the site. The top 1000 women are the most desirable on the website, but all the women are available, and all of them are very good-looking.

There is no need to worry about how the woman will look because it’s possible to get all the information about any woman right to the website. Both the woman and the man can communicate with each other through AnastasiaDate, and the man just needs to buy some points in order to communicate with the lady. The points that are sold on AnastasiaDate are good on the website only, and they are relatively low in cost. Once a customer joins the AnastasiaDate website, they can start looking for the woman of their dreams, and it’s possible that love may come out of the entire connection.

Search, Snap, And Then Buy

Visual searches are the new technology when it comes to doing a broad search for any item. Websites such as Google and Yahoo were made very popular because of what they had to offer. They allow an individual to search online for any information or item that they would like to choose from. When it comes to an item that an individual is interested in purchasing, at times it could be difficult for them to be able to find the exact item that they want. By putting information in a search engine they may be able to narrow down the choices for an item, but in the end they may have to search through pages in order to find what they are looking for.

With a visual search that time and effort used to search for a desired item is completely and totally eliminated. All that a person has to do is take a picture of the item that they are looking for, and it will come right up on their screen and be ready for them to purchase. Every day we passed items that we are interested in. We may want to know how much they cost, and we may want to purchase those exact items. It may be a pair of earrings that we saw in the store that we couldn’t afford, it may be a luxury car, it may be a plant, or it may be an item of clothing. Whatever that item may be, now with a visual search all that an individual has to have is the right application, and they are ready to go.

Slyce is a leading company in the field of visual search. They offer different applications that a person can download to their electronic device. Once those applications are downloaded, all that a person has to do is take a picture using that app, and soon they will be on their way to purchasing their favorite item. Visual searches have eliminated the need to do a Google search, because a person can use their application to find the exact item that they want when they want it.

Too Little, Too Late?

Paul Walker will formally announce his candidacy on July 13 in Waukesha, Wisconsin. The governor of Wisconsin is controversial for his anti-union, pro Koch brothers’ stance on most issues. He was famously pranked with a fake phone call from the Koch brothers that would become very telling for his critics stated Ivan Ong. He survived a recall attempt to the chagrin of his opponents that fought hardily for his termination. Walker is a college dropout that rose to fame during the tea party purge of the Republican Party after Obama was elected. Additionally, Walker was a frontrunner even without his formal announcement.

After multiple missteps, he has seen his star diminish greatly with republican potential voters. He polls lower than Donald Trump even. Walker is the 15th candidate to enter the republican field. Jindal, Jeb and Christie proceeded Walker as republican governors that have entered the race. Walker was seen as a suitable anti-establishment replacement for Jeb, but that seems to have subsided as Jeb has assumed the lead comfortably and will most likely be the republican nominee barring any drastic changes in the emerging field vying for the republican candidacy. If Walker continues to poll poorly, he will not be eligible to compete in his party’s primary debates. This will rob him of the chance to present himself in a more positive light for those skeptical about voting for a college dropout which his opponent will definitely use against him.

Phase III Picks Up Speed

Things are getting busy as Marvel Studios moves into Phase III of its Cinematic Universe, according to Kevin Feige, president of the company. He spoke while promoting Ant-Man, the final installment of Phase II.

Nineteen different films are set to be released between next year and 2019. This will include the end of several existing franchises, such as the Thor films, the continuation of those like Guardians of the Galaxy and the beginning of new series, such as Black Panther and the tentatively titled Spectacular Spider-Man.

According to Brian Torchin in this article, phase III will begin with Captain America: Civil War, which will notably add these and possibly more important characters to the Marvel Cinematic Universe ahead of them getting their own films later.

“We literally just crossed the halfway mark of [Captain America:] Civil War last week, it’s day 42 or 43 of 80,” Feige said. “We start filming Doctor Strange in London in November. We start shooting Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2in February-March [2016]. We start filming Thor: Ragnarok and Spider-Man around the same time, around June of next year.” Certainly sounds like a busy summer, doesn’t it?

Phase III will also include the first half of Avengers: Infinity War, a crossover so large that it will be split into two movies.