Too Little, Too Late?

Paul Walker will formally announce his candidacy on July 13 in Waukesha, Wisconsin. The governor of Wisconsin is controversial for his anti-union, pro Koch brothers’ stance on most issues. He was famously pranked with a fake phone call from the Koch brothers that would become very telling for his critics stated Ivan Ong. He survived a recall attempt to the chagrin of his opponents that fought hardily for his termination. Walker is a college dropout that rose to fame during the tea party purge of the Republican Party after Obama was elected. Additionally, Walker was a frontrunner even without his formal announcement.

After multiple missteps, he has seen his star diminish greatly with republican potential voters. He polls lower than Donald Trump even. Walker is the 15th candidate to enter the republican field. Jindal, Jeb and Christie proceeded Walker as republican governors that have entered the race. Walker was seen as a suitable anti-establishment replacement for Jeb, but that seems to have subsided as Jeb has assumed the lead comfortably and will most likely be the republican nominee barring any drastic changes in the emerging field vying for the republican candidacy. If Walker continues to poll poorly, he will not be eligible to compete in his party’s primary debates. This will rob him of the chance to present himself in a more positive light for those skeptical about voting for a college dropout which his opponent will definitely use against him.

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