Slyce Helps You Find Products Quickly

Ever look at a product in a store and wonder how much that same item is priced elsewhere? Traditional shopping would require you to pound the pavement going to each store, or do an online search and wade through dozens, if not hundreds, of search results trying to find the exact match to the product you saw. Now there is a new technology that makes finding that product online as simple as clicking a picture of it with your smartphone, then submitting the photo to a Product Recognition search that uses Slyce corporation’s technology to quickly list the details of that exact product, where it is available and at what price and without any wading through false-positive results.

One of the options on Google’s search is to use a photograph as your search request input. A sophisticated Content Based Image Retrieval algorithm is employed to make matches that very closely fit the look of the entered photo from anywhere on the Internet, world wide. This is accomplished by a huge number of complicated comparisons of the submitted image’s internal components to potential matches found on the Internet. This includes texture, shape, color, attached logo figures, and metadata for the picture. This process takes a lot of cycles of processing, but the added CPU load is necessary to obtain better search matches than simple text meta-tag searches can produce.

This biggest leader in this product recognition technology is When merchants employ Slyce’s custom technology, or even Slyce’s off-the-shelf packages, such as their SnipSnap, Pounce, and Craves software, consumers are delighted to be able to quickly find comparisons of a product with the snap of a picture on their smartphones. Shopping will never be difficult again for those customers who take advantage of Slyce’s product recognition. Merchants like it because it increases sales to well-informed consumers and mostly because of their resulting enlarged presence on the Internet.

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