The Growth of Investment Banking


There are many companies that attempt to help customers build wealth over time. Highland Capital is one of the few companies that has been in business for many years and continues to see a high rate of growth in total customers and revenue. There are several things that set Highland Capital apart from other investment banks. Investment banks have grown overall in the past few decades as a result of people wanting a better return on their invested capital. One of the biggest indicators of the amount of wealth a person will be able to build over time is their rate of return on their investments. There are many people that just want to save their money in a bank where it is safe. However, over time these people will not have near the retirement they could if they invested it. Highland Capital has a large customer base that continues to grow every year. Here are several ways that Highland Capital is different from other investment banks and why they continue to grow so rapidly.

Customer Focus

Highland Capital works diligently to helps their clients reach their financial goals. Every person has a different set of goals, and based on those goals their investment strategy should be different. Many investment banks want to lump everyone in to the same investing strategy. However, at Highland Capital clients can get individual investing advice that will help them succeed over the long term. This is one of the biggest reasons why Highland Capital is so highly rated in the industry. Their customers know that the biggest factor that is driving Highland Capital is customer satisfaction. James Dondero founded Highland Capital many years ago on the basis that they would help all the people they could succeed with their finances.

Low Fees

Fees are a hot topic in the investment banking world today. There are many companies that charge clients thousands of dollars per year on their investments. In addition, there are some investment banks that charge a large annual percentage of the funds that are invested. After taking in to account the fees, many people would be better off simply investing on their own in an index fund that tracks the overall market. Highland Capital does not believe in high fee money management. Clients are then able to invest more money over time because they are not paying high fees to the company they are working with.

James Dondero

James Dondero has been able to build a business that helps thousands of people a year manage their money more efficiently. Highland Capital has grown ever year that it has been in business, and this is a direct result of the leadership of James Dondero.

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