Create Glitter Nails Using Lime Crime’s Zodiac Glitter

Glitter nails look enchanting. Have you ever wanted to achieve this look for a party, but it didn’t quite turn out as you had hoped? Did you buy clumpy glitter nail polish that looked better in the bottle than it did on your nails? Try this loose glitter technique and you will be amazed at your sparkly nails.

Doe Deere’s Lime Crime offers a wide selection of Zodiac Eye Glitter. But this glitter can be used on your nails as well. The “Cancer” glitter is a beautiful turquoise and the “Aquarius” glitter is a vibrant indigo. There are so many colors to choose from including gold, silver, red, fuchsia, white, black, iridescent, lavender, emerald and more. These glitters can also be combined to create a beautiful ombre effect.

If you are using the same Lime Crime glitter for glitter eyes, make sure that you carefully pour the glitter and do not roll your finger that is covered in glue directly in the glitter pot. You do not want to contaminate your eye glitter supply by mixing it with glue or top coat.

Some of the materials you will need to complete this look are Elmer’s glue, loose glitter, paper to catch the glitter, nail polish and a top coat. You want to select a shade of nail polish that matches the glitter well. Before applying your base coat of nail polish, apply a coat of Elmer’s glue and let that dry. This will make it much easier to remove the glitter nail polish later, the glue will allow it to peel off in a clean manner that does not leave frustrating glitter residue.

After you have painted the base coat of nail polish, let it dry. Now apply the Elmer’s glue on top of your base coat. (If you are adverse to using the glue you can use a top coat instead, but the glue holds the glitter better than the topcoat.) Make sure the glue covers your entire nail, then lightly pour the glitter on your nail. Make sure to have paper underneath your nails when completing this task. The first time you are attempting this you may just want to practice on your thumbs.

After you have applied the glitter to your nails, take a cotton swab and nail polish remover to remove the excess glitter from your cuticle. Next, apply a top coat of clear nail polish. Use the paper to clean your clear nail polish brush before dipping it back into the bottle. You will probably need to apply a total of three top coats. The glitter should be quite secure and should not be flaking off.

Glitter nails require a bit of patience. They might turn out a bit messy if you try to apply the glitter too fast. But if you take you time, your nails will be spectacular. You will never just reach for a bottle of glitter nail polish again. Applying the glitter directly to your nails allows your nails to shimmer and shine!

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