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Developing Business Strategies With Shaygan Kheradpir

Technology and mobile communications expert Shaygan Kheradpir has broken the mold of the role technology experts play in businesses that are outside the industry itself. Prior to the arrival of Kheradpir at major companies like Verizon and Barclays the role of the technology expert had been strictly marginalized in the development of new technologies alone. However, the work and success of Kheradpir in bringing IT and the best in technology to the forefront of each business he has been involved in has been instrumental in a shift in the way technology is viewed across a wide range of industries.

Shaygan Kheradpir began to come to a position of power and influence when he took up a role with GTE Labs and later with Verizon after the two companies merged. For most companies the head of research and development is somebody who is stranded in their role creating the technologies that each and every individual hopes to own in their future. Shaygan Kheradpir of ireport.cnn looked to change the way the latest developments in technology are being developed, which includes the use of small teams to develop small areas of the latest technologies in a bid to make sure they are developed quickly and on budget. The development of new technologies at Verizon was so successful that the company looked towards Kheradpir to develop the best strategies for lowering technology budgets to a level under the industry average. The outsourcing of many IT tasks to areas of the world with lower salary levels and improving IT software to take the budget below the industry average saw the profile of Kheradpir rise to a high level.

Through his work with Verizon Shaygan Kheradpir was spotted by the executives at the financial giant Barclays. The Cornell University graduate became the first technology executive to sit on the board of the banking company and look to develop some of the most important pieces of software for the financial future of banks and their customers. The Pingit mobile payments software was just one of the achievements Shaygan Kheradpir can lay claim to during his time at Barclays, which has been used to allow greater use of mobile devices to complete banking transactions around the world. Other achievements completed under the leadership of Kheradpir at Barclays include the development of software that linked all the various offices of the financial giant around the world. This allows banking experts from anywhere in the world to view accounts in real time to make decisions about loans and other financial products without a long delay.

Handy Is The Best Application On Mobile Devices

Cleaning is something everyone has to do. Whether one lives in a car or house, cleaning must be performed often. Proper hygiene practices must be taken every day, so cleaning really is everywhere. Nobody likes to clean their house, but it is something that everyone has to do unless they want to live in filth. It has usually cost people far too much money to hire a professional home cleaner but it is becoming so much easier to afford them thanks to Handy.

Handy was founded by Oisin Hanrahan and Umang Dua, Harvard roommates who met each other in 2012. They decided that they should create something where cleaners and home improvement professionals could list their services because there were not existing applications at the time. Home cleaners have been hard to find, and most of the time Craigslist is not even worth looking through. Handy prevents this by being closely monitored.

Handy only operates in approximately 25 cities in the USA and this is because it takes a lot of work for Handy to regulate and control the listings on the app. Only a few applicants actually get through the process, and the ones that do get through must submit to a background check and credit check. Only the most reputable and qualified individuals get hired to clean. References must be added as well to ensure that the cleaner is who they claim to be and the experience level is enough to work for Handy.

Handy has been a hit thanks to the leadership of Mr. Dua and Hanrahan. Many cleaners who use Handy claim that the app is practically an automated teller machine in their pockets. The average rate that is charged is not very high and is easily afforded by most people. Anyone with just a little disposable income can afford these services, as they average around seventeen dollars an hour. This is a great deal because home cleaners have traditionally been much more expensive because there has not been as much competition. Handy truly has revolutionized the home cleaning service industry.

Approximately eighty-five percent of workers on Handy are cleaners, with the remaining fifteen percent being handymen and plumbers. Some people do need these services which make it worthwhile to diversify the listings on behalf of Handy. Handy has to let all of the workers through the application program.

Handy is free. Handy can be found anywhere online, along with many reviews and testimonials about the company.

How Helpful Is Online Reputation Management?

Online reputation management is one of the best things you could ever invest your money into if you are looking for a way to help improve your business’s name online. The web is a powerful place that can affect your brand either for good or for bad. There are countless people who are either writing bad blogs and articles or simply leaving and reviews on review websites about your business. If they aren’t, then it is still important to actually start reduce the chances of these things happening and really be proactive on avoiding such problems.

How Helpful Is Online Reputation Management?

It’s helpful in plenty of different ways to look for top of the line reputation management companies because they can protect your brand. When somebody leaves a nasty review online on a review site, they can help you fix the issue and potentially remove the review. It’s also important to remember that online reputation management is not easy to handle, and there are so many ways things that are involved with fixing an online reputation.

Status Labs is an online company owned by Darius Fisher that can definitely help benefit anybody struggling at the moment with their marketing. Their immersive and experienced team of professional marketers have been able to guide countless businesses to achieve growth and success in their online web presence. They also have utilized some of the most powerful and effective training regimens and programs to help business owners have a better online reputation. Darius utilizes some of the most unique approaches to fixing any reputation.

Solving The Worst Reputations

It’s so easy to lose your growth as a business and to actually deal with immensely horrible scandals online. It’s tough at times to deal with the bad reviews and horrible online reputations considering there are so many things that can happen to a single bad review. If you want your business to grow and flourish, you need to be very weary with your marketing choices. Status Labs has some very interesting and experienced marketers who know exactly what they are doing in this business.

Darius Fisher has a team of several dozens of people to help cater to his 1,500 clients across the globe in over 35 countries. He has been able to achieve massive success with his strategies and how he helps fix brands online. Darius continues to develop new techniques throughout the digital industry.

Status Labs will Manage Business Needs Online

Helping Companies Improve their Image
Status Labs provides superior services that allow any business to greatly improve their image. This can be accomplished on an online and offline basis. A solid and positive image is vital for every business. Each business must be aware of their image in every way. If your company receives negative news on Google search, action must be taken or nothing will change. Google search is similar to a newspaper. Your image must be maintained. Every business must be know that their search results do matter. Every searcher must go past page one in order to find you. If your image has been tarnished by bad news, there is a solution. The team at Status Labs will ensure that your image is solid and accurate. You can trust that with assistance from professionals, any negative and inaccurate information will be pushed down and the accurate and positive will be displayed. Your reputation and image will be managed by professionals who have the technology and skills to ensure that searchers can obtain a clear picture of your entire business. Status Labs has a clear goal and mission. They will ensure that your image is greatly improved in every way. This will be done online as well as offline.

The Services Provided
This is a business that will provide many valuable services. These include the following:
* public relations; there are different rules on the internet. You can receive up-dated communication, strategies, and media relations. The qualified digital staff will enable every business to develop relationships. These services will allow your business to fully engage with your audience. A connection to your business and brand will occur.
*your image; every person that views your picture online will form an opinion within a few seconds of viewing it. You will have services available that will control your image in a very positive way. Promoting the positive is the goal
* crisis response; the entire team has the ability to manage any crisis by ensuring a good response. Response is vital online for any crisis. A fast-action plan can be completely put into place to ensure that your business is prepared for everything

Creative Solutions
Status Labs is fully prepared to deliver creative solutions for every business. Your business needs will be managed by qualified professionals. You will receive solutions that will meet your particular business needs.

Handy Cleaning Services: Enjoy a Clean Home Today!

Everybody has busy schedules nowadays. Pretty much no one wants to be bothered by the daily grind of cleaning their house. Yet it is still something you have to fit in, amongst work, shopping, bill paying, school, kid’s sports, after-school activities, the gym…the list goes on and on. That’s why more and more people are turning to a cleaning service to take care of their home, so they can enjoy life a little bit more!

Cleaning services take care of the dirty work so you don’t have to. Imagine coming home after a long day of work or school and finding your house smelling fresh and clean, and knowing that all your rooms will be perfectly cleaned to your satisfaction. Cleaning companies offer a variety of services, and will usually tailor what you need to your specifications.

There are many different areas that can be cleaned when you choose a company, such as Handy on itunes, Home Cleaning Services. For your bedroom and living room spaces, you can have all the surfaces wiped down and polished; glasses cleaned, vacuumed, and have your garbage taken out. In the kitchen, you can choose to have your dishwasher loaded up with dirty dishes from the sink, have your counters cleaned and wiped, floors cleaned, exteriors of stoves and refrigerators wiped, and have the garbage taken out.

Nobody wants to clean the bathroom! Again, Handy Home Cleaning Services will do your dirty work for you. They will clean your toilet, wipe down all sink and fixtures, sanitize the tub, spray and polish mirrors, and empty the garbage. With your cleaning services, you can also add extra services in, such as cleaning inside the cabinets, oven, and refrigerator, as well as having your laundry wash and dried.

With Handy Cleaning, you don’t just have to choose from their cleaning services, as they offer additional amenities for those who need them. This includes furniture assembly, interior painting, and light fixture installation. Handy experts will come in to help set up furniture when you need it. If you have the paint and primer, a professional painter will supply everything else and paint your rooms perfectly. Experienced electricians can also come in to install your lamps, lights, chandeliers, and more. Handy Home Cleaning services also offers their customers help with moving and faucets.

It isn’t just the customers who enjoy the work done by Handy. Employees of Handy make an hourly wage between $15 and $22, with an average of $18. They are given the option of being able to pick their own hours to work around a busy schedule, as well as a healthy hourly wage. Mandated background checks using both county and national levels guarantee that Handy employees are thoroughly vetted.

Customers can also book cleaning through mobile apps on their phone. Customers can book online and schedule a cleaning or a service the very next day. Handy Home Cleaning Services also offers a 100 percent money back guarantee for all services.

Dr. Jennifer Walden’s Booming Plastic Surgery Practice

Dr. Jennifer Walden is an American plastic surgeon that operates a practice in Texas. She is actually from Austin, Texas, and went to school in Texas. Dr. Walden has lived in Texas throughout her entire career, with the exception of when she operated her own practice out of New York City.

Dr. Jennifer Walden started her career by attending UT-Austin for her undergraduate degree. Walden earned a degree in biology with the highest honors in 1994. She then went to the UT Medical Branch to earn her medical doctorate, which she did in 1998. Jennifer Walden had to complete a residency program, which lasted until 2003. Then, she had to undergo fellowship training in New York City.

Walden decided to start up a plastic surgery practice in New York City, since she was living there anyway with her husband and children. After a few years of living in the big apple, she decided that she wanted her boys to be able to grow up near their aunt, uncles, and cousins, so they moved back to Austin, Texas. Shortly after moving back, Walden started up a plastic surgery practice in Austin, just like she planned. Dr. Jennifer Walden still operates the practice in Austin, Texas, to this day.

Jennifer Walden is a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon. She is the recipient of a long list of awards, some of the most pretigious of which include the Best Scientific Exhibit Award, the Isabella H. Brackenride Scholarship Award, the Janet M. Glasgow Memorial Award and Achievement Citationa, and the Best of 2012 Plastic and Cosmetic Award by the Plastic Surgery Practice Magazine.

Dr. Walden caters to many wealthy people and people of prominence. Her practice offers a vast array of plastic surgeries, including packages that offer to fly you from wherever you live to her office in Austin, Texas, and back. Known for frequently working on celebrities, she has been featured on many large news channels, such as VH1, FOX, and NBC, to name a few.

Despite being so busy with work, Dr. Walden still manages to find enough time to dedicate herself to philanthropic and volunteer work from time to time. She has served at the El Buen Samairtano Missionary Health Clinic in Austin, the Leo Leader Elementary School, and New York City Department of Health Medical Reserve Corps.

Susan McGalla and Her Legacy

Susan McGalla maybe one of the most important females in the corporate world today. She has built a legacy as one of the most successful retail CEOs in the retail world. I have studied her and found that she has done a lot for other women that are interested in becoming part of the corporate workforce. In some ways she serves as motivation to those that are interested in corporation roles, but in other ways she is very instrumental in providing a roadmap for females that are trying to break free of the barriers. She has escaped the restrictions put on women. When I listen to her speak I know that I am getting wisdom from someone that has had to face a lot of challenges as one of the few women of her kind. She has been able to assert herself and rise in the position of CEO, but Susan McGalla is a rare breed. The number of female leaders in CEO positions is less than 10% in all businesses at a fortune 500 level. This number was even lower and Susan McGalla was holding the position of CEO for American Eagle. What this means is that she entered the corporate workforce during a time when things were even harder for females. Somehow she still managed to climb the corporate ladder and and pursue her dream to become a CEO.

The thing that ultimately makes the Susan McGalla of Bizjournals story so mesmerizing is the fact that she performed the duties of CEO not once, but twice. In time Susan McGalla would discovere that the best way to encourage others to become business leaders is by building their own businesses. It is during is time that she found her own marketing consulting organization. This was a bold move considering the millions of dollars that she made in the CEO roles for Wet Seal and American Eagle. Susan was confident in her abilities and this gave her the courage to step out and develop her own brand.

One might say that Susan is just another link in the chain for women in the corporate world. I would have to disagree with this. I think she is much more than another face in another position in the corporate world. I believe that Susan is a catalyst for women that may have filled that they could not achieve the position of CEO. She is one of the few leaders that has been able to achieve this more than once. That gives her special attention in the corporate sector. It shows that she the ability to turn companies around. It is her brand that is allowed her to transition to different roles and increase revenues streams for companies that hire her. This may be the best thing about following Susan McGalla. I have been seen her take on huge tasks and succeed. She is someone that other women should look to for guidance. She is a successful leader that has broken down barriers for females.

Online Dating With The Help of AnastasiaDate

People are often shy and do not always find it easy to make friends. Someone may not be sure how to act around someone of the opposite sex. They may stutter or be unsure what to say to someone else in a social situation. Many people want to meet someone but they are not sure how they do so or how to behave when they are around someone in person. This is why many people find that is best to use other tools at their disposal when they are looking for someone to meet or even someone to marry and live with for the rest of their lives.

Shy people will still want to have someone they can love. Fortunately, in today’s society, it is still possible for someone who is less than forthcoming and not entirely comfortable around others to still have a relationship with someone else. They can turn to online dating. Doing so can allow the person to meet a partner and interact with them. They can use the online dating networks that have been established to pick from among thousands and even millions of possible partners that they may like to meet and have fun with.

There are many places where people can choose to date online. One such place is AnastasiaDate, a site that allows people to interact with Russians. Russia is one of the world’s largest nations. However, many contemporary Russians find that Russian society is not able to provide for their needs. Thus, they turn to other places and peoples other than their native land to consider dating. The site allows native Russians to connect with others who may want to date them and thus begin a relationship with them. In doing so, many people in Russia are able to use this site to help them find people who might be ideal for their specific desired relationship goals.

This allows someone to think carefully about the kind of ways they can chose to date. They can date online through Anastasia Date in order to help them learn as much as possible about dating in general. They can take the time by dating online to consider the kind of dating they want to do and the kind of person they may want to meet in person. Online dating can also help someone discover what other people want from a relationship and find out as much as possible about relationships in general. Someone who has done very little dating may not be aware of what it means to date and thus need to get in as much practice as possible before they meet someone in person. Online dating can help them learn about the world of dating directly.

FreedomPop Aims for Explosive Growth in UK Market

CEO Stephen Stokols can view his return to the U.K. as just a part of FreedomPop’s burgeoning business plan, but there is definitely more to it than that. Stokols used to work in the United Kingdom and it was there, in 2011, that he initially proposed FreedomPop to the BT Board in order to attain funding. They passed on his idea and Stokols ended up going back to the United States in order to launch his company. In the past five or so years we have seen FreedomPop turn into one of the hottest telecom companies in the country and now they are aiming to expand their borders and make a play for the U.K., as reported by The Telegraph.

For FreedomPop there was a moment in time that would seal their fate. For the past six months or so the company on was allegedly involved in M&A discussion with several large telecom companies. The rumors persisted and it was thought that FreedomPop would sell for a handsome $450 million proposal. Instead, CEO Stokols called any thought of selling as ‘premature’ and instead doubled down on making FreedomPop one of the biggest freemium phone companies on the planet. Since then the company has pulled in new investments and now is sitting on the edge of a huge expansion into the U.K.

FreedomPop is launching their core program across the pond as part of the first phase of their international expansion proposal which will be backed by venture capitalists. U.K. residents can sign up for FreedomPop’s free basic plan by registering online. According to Stokols and Co. there were at least 250,000 interested Britons in signing up. However, FreedomPop will reign in the amount of allowed subscribers for the first few months as they try to maintain and control the outward growth. The basic plan that is on offer consists of a 200 minute, 200 text, 200 MB of data package with options to expand for additional prices. The core plan will be offered via a SIM card launch but will eventually move into actual hardware production.

FreedomPop is unique in that they don’t need every customer to pay any money in order to become ‘green’ in cash flow. According to Stephen Stokols they only need 50,000 paid subscribers in order to become ‘cash flow positive’. This works out to anywhere from 33% to 50% of their actual subscriber base in the U.K.

North Korean Defector Devotes Life to Human Rights

There are certain people in the world that you would not want to make angry. One of those people is the Supreme Leader of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (North Korea) Kim Jong Un. At the Women in the World Summit, 21 year old North Korean defector Yeonmi Park stated that she was one of those people whom Kim Jong Un does not like.

It was a bold statement that showed Park’s sense of humor but also shed light on the seriousness of the situation. Park was raised in fear as many North Korean children are. North Korean children would be taught North Korean propaganda even in elementary stages through math lessons that depicted killing Americans.

Unfortunately for Yeonmi Park of, this was not the extent of the negative circumstances surrounding her life. In order to protect her children who escaped North Korea to China, Park’s mother was raped. Before escaping to China, Park even admits to having to endure witnessing bloody inhumane executions. Park and her family endured many cold nights in the cold Gobi Dessert in order to experience the freedom that she has today.

Park now has dedicated her life to raising awareness to the lifestyle that North Korean citizens have no choice but to endure. For many North Korean youth, human trafficking is unfortunately a reality. It’s not uncommon for a young girl to be sold for $200. Park seeks to educate the world about these atrocities.

And Park’s speaking out has not gone unnoticed by the North Korean government. Even as a nuclear power with one of the most powerful armies in the world, the North Korean government have trained their eyes on Yeonmi Park and other North Korean defectors. The government released a propaganda hit piece entitled “The Human Rights Propaganda Puppet.” This 18 minute video attempts to silence Park’s activism by smearing this brave critic of North Korea.

However, in 2014, a United Nations inquiry into North Korea confirmed everything that Yeonmi Park has advocated for. Forced abortions, rape, violence, Nazi-like executions, starvation, and torturing are used everyday as intimidation by the North Korean government to bully their own citizens. And while this goes on, more North Korean citizens are finding ways to defect just as Yeonmi Park did when she was younger.

Now living in Seoul, South Korea, Yeonmi Park continues to fight to let her voice be heard around the world. She has created YouTube videos that have gone viral. She has been the featured speakers at many conferences and summits around the world in order to promote awareness of the atrocities in North Korea that infringe on human rights. And she continues to use social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to let voice be heard around the world.