Susan McGalla and Her Legacy

Susan McGalla maybe one of the most important females in the corporate world today. She has built a legacy as one of the most successful retail CEOs in the retail world. I have studied her and found that she has done a lot for other women that are interested in becoming part of the corporate workforce. In some ways she serves as motivation to those that are interested in corporation roles, but in other ways she is very instrumental in providing a roadmap for females that are trying to break free of the barriers. She has escaped the restrictions put on women. When I listen to her speak I know that I am getting wisdom from someone that has had to face a lot of challenges as one of the few women of her kind. She has been able to assert herself and rise in the position of CEO, but Susan McGalla is a rare breed. The number of female leaders in CEO positions is less than 10% in all businesses at a fortune 500 level. This number was even lower and Susan McGalla was holding the position of CEO for American Eagle. What this means is that she entered the corporate workforce during a time when things were even harder for females. Somehow she still managed to climb the corporate ladder and and pursue her dream to become a CEO.

The thing that ultimately makes the Susan McGalla of Bizjournals story so mesmerizing is the fact that she performed the duties of CEO not once, but twice. In time Susan McGalla would discovere that the best way to encourage others to become business leaders is by building their own businesses. It is during is time that she found her own marketing consulting organization. This was a bold move considering the millions of dollars that she made in the CEO roles for Wet Seal and American Eagle. Susan was confident in her abilities and this gave her the courage to step out and develop her own brand.

One might say that Susan is just another link in the chain for women in the corporate world. I would have to disagree with this. I think she is much more than another face in another position in the corporate world. I believe that Susan is a catalyst for women that may have filled that they could not achieve the position of CEO. She is one of the few leaders that has been able to achieve this more than once. That gives her special attention in the corporate sector. It shows that she the ability to turn companies around. It is her brand that is allowed her to transition to different roles and increase revenues streams for companies that hire her. This may be the best thing about following Susan McGalla. I have been seen her take on huge tasks and succeed. She is someone that other women should look to for guidance. She is a successful leader that has broken down barriers for females.

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