Handy Is The Best Application On Mobile Devices

Cleaning is something everyone has to do. Whether one lives in a car or house, cleaning must be performed often. Proper hygiene practices must be taken every day, so cleaning really is everywhere. Nobody likes to clean their house, but it is something that everyone has to do unless they want to live in filth. It has usually cost people far too much money to hire a professional home cleaner but it is becoming so much easier to afford them thanks to Handy.

Handy was founded by Oisin Hanrahan and Umang Dua, Harvard roommates who met each other in 2012. They decided that they should create something where cleaners and home improvement professionals could list their services because there were not existing applications at the time. Home cleaners have been hard to find, and most of the time Craigslist is not even worth looking through. Handy prevents this by being closely monitored.

Handy only operates in approximately 25 cities in the USA and this is because it takes a lot of work for Handy to regulate and control the listings on the app. Only a few applicants actually get through the process, and the ones that do get through must submit to a background check and credit check. Only the most reputable and qualified individuals get hired to clean. References must be added as well to ensure that the cleaner is who they claim to be and the experience level is enough to work for Handy.

Handy has been a hit thanks to the leadership of Mr. Dua and Hanrahan. Many cleaners who use Handy claim that the app is practically an automated teller machine in their pockets. The average rate that is charged is not very high and is easily afforded by most people. Anyone with just a little disposable income can afford these services, as they average around seventeen dollars an hour. This is a great deal because home cleaners have traditionally been much more expensive because there has not been as much competition. Handy truly has revolutionized the home cleaning service industry.

Approximately eighty-five percent of workers on Handy are cleaners, with the remaining fifteen percent being handymen and plumbers. Some people do need these services which make it worthwhile to diversify the listings on behalf of Handy. Handy has to let all of the workers through the application program.

Handy is free. Handy can be found anywhere online, along with many reviews and testimonials about the company.

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