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Adam Sender: The Savvy Investor With an Eye for Art

There are many people who consider themselves to be art collectors. Of these people, there are typically two different groups. One collects art that speaks to them, decorates their home and makes them happy on an emotional level. The other group considers art to be an investment. Their pieces are often chosen by others because of their lack of interest in the art world itself. They may display some of their more notable pieces, but will often store many more until it is time to sell.

Very few of these experts have the talent for investing, the money to invest and the skilled artistic eye to amass a holding of valuable pieces that turn a private collection into the envy of the art world. Adam Sender is one of those experts. Numerous voices in the art world have expressed admiration at the ability of this one man to repeatedly choose works that continue to be exceptional values.

What makes this collection all the more surprising is that the forty-something Sender is not the typical collector. As a hedge fund manager, his ability to spot value made him successful in the financial field and he has obviously been able to transfer that ability to the art world. He is unique because he is both types of collector in one; the savvy investor and the appreciator of talent.

Excitement over his collection has grown recently because of his decision to place 400 of his pieces up for sale. Sotheby’s auction house is handling these transactions, a process that will take approximately 18 months to complete. Art lovers of all types have been using this opportunity to view the diverse collection Sender has chosen to sell. Many of the artworks have been unseen for decades and are expected to fetch much more than their previous sale price.

Adam Sender began his collection in the late 1990s. He chose to carefully purchase only the pieces that he felt were shining examples created by already established artists. Unlike many other collectors, he did not choose to pick from one genre or one artist, making his collection uniquely eclectic.

The 400 pieces he has chosen to part with are not quite half of his complete collection, said to number at least 1,000 works. The sale pieces represent the skills of 139 artists and is expected to raise an astounding $70 million. Despite the impression the sale may be giving, Sender is not leaving the art collecting world. He continues to search for artists to invest in that he feels are on the cusp of success whose work he finds “intellectually stimulating”.

Fleas. Allergies or Mange…. Oh my

Sometimes, dogs start scratching and then the dreaded creepy crawly friends are all over the furry friend on that was just sleeping in the master bed a moment ago. Now, even the most in love dog owner is now banishing the pet to a carpet free domicile. Sometimes, they are easy to get rid of and other times that is a different story. Where do they come from?

Fleas, as opposed to what most people think can come from anywhere. Yes, it is true. They are not always directly from another dog or animal which explains a lot when you have one dog that never comes in contact with any other animal. They can actually be picked up in the backyard. Thankfully they have all kinds of remedies for fleas which can make it much easier on the pet owner.

Depending on where the problem is that the dog is picking up the fleas from, there are different products like Beneful on purina. They have a spray for fleas for the backyard. They also sell a bomb for getting rid of fleas in the house and they also have carpet powder which can help.

When it comes to the most important part of dealing with the fleas a dog owner needs to get the fleas from every source they are coming from. Otherwise once they are off the dog the dog can pick them up from another source such as the carpet. So it is important that all of the places that fleas are at are stopped.

Watching a pup itch and itch is difficult but, for the dog themselves they have fleas collars, flea powder and different types of medication that go between their shoulder blades to treat them and then also to keep them away by treating proactively. Now there are also times when the pet might be itching for other reason.

At times, they grow allergic to their food overtime. This kind of allergy can be negated by switching their food to a different more natural brand. Beneful is one of the recommended brands because they have very natural blend, some of the cheaper foods use processed junk but Beneful puts in both meat, rice and vegetables. This type of allergy seems to happen to dogs when they become older. If it is not fleas or allergies pay close attention because it could be something worse. It could be mange with hot spots that the dog is rubbing off.

Manage is something that must be treated by a vet. The problem is it is often transferred from a puppy to an adult dog and could mean the dog has a weak immune system and therefore needs to be checked out. It is a sort of dog scabies and the bugs drill themselves under the surface. No matter, what you do just make sure that you are aware of what the problem is and if it is getting worse. It is the best way to protect the dog from further health problems which can come from hot spots and infection.

US Money Reserve is an Amazing Website

US Money Reserve is a company based online that offers precious metals for sale. US Money Reserve is one of the best companies of its kind on the entire internet because it is so reputable and the fees they charge for delivering their certified, 100% legitimate precious metals are very low compared to competitors.

US Money Reserve offers both bullion and numismatic coins for collectors and investors. There are tons of people on behalf of US Money Reserve that are able to assist clients with learning more about bullion or coins and which would be best for them. There is an industry leading numismatic expect, senior gold specialists, and customer representatives to cater to all the needs that any customer will probably need.

US Money Reserve offers the four most popular metals: gold, silver, platinum, and palladium. Coins pretty much only are available in gold and silver, although it is possible to find platinum and palladium coins. Coins are best for collectors or people who want a coin for display purposes. Bullion is by and large best for all investors, because the value of certain coins are difficult to predict not only because there is not much research done on the future price of various coins, but bullion is expected to make more money and is generally cheaper because they do not have to be minted because they are coins.

US Money Reserve has been around for a while and have satisfied thousands of customers over the years. There is a lengthy list of testimonials on their website, which can be found at Many testimonials are from investors who have used US Money Reserve to turn a profit and help diversify their portfolio.

Many people who have used US Money Reserve prefer it because of the accessability of using the website. It is very easy to use, even for people who are not very computer literate.

US Money Reserve is fully accredited and received all of the necessary licenses to operate as a precious metal distributor in the United States of America. The Busines Consumer Alliance has named US Money Reserve an AAA company, which is the absolute highest certification that a business can receive from the Business Consumer Alliance. US Money Reserve is currently operated out of Austin, Texas, and has a customer representative hotline that any clients or potential clients can call for information about any of the products or services they provide.

Recap of Shaygan Kheradpir

Shaygan is a United States citizen who was born on December 19, 1960, in London, United States. He spent his early life in Iran where his father worked as a doctor specialized in treating ear, nose and throat ailments. Years later, Shaygan joined Cornell University in the United States where he had his main focus in electrical engineering. He is a holder of a Bachelors’, Masters’ and doctorate in electrical engineering specifically in control systems. Currently, Kheradpir is working as the chief executive officer of Coriant. Before attaining this position as a CEO, he has worked at several executive positions for Juniper, Barclays and Verizon networks. Shaygan secured his first job opportunity in 1987 at the GTE Laboratories. Here his major area of concern was on control and network routing management. He was recognized by The Wall Street Journal for his new invention on introducing new products to the market schedule. This made him earn respect. Therefore, he was appointed at the GTE Corporation as the chief information officer. In 2000, two companies that is; GTE and Bell Atlantic merged forming Verizon Communications. Before Shaygan being the first CIO of Verizon he worked at the e-business division as the president. His efforts were felt by the company in the diversification of telecommunication services and in automation operations. Kheradpir saw the need of creating small teams that were to help in the development of new ideas on products. This was in 2001. A prototype cycle was implemented this was to help in testing and modifying the new technologies implemented. It has been made public by InfoWorld that Shaygan Kheradpir on twitter and his team contributed largely at Verizon in the development of FiOS fiber and creation of software that manages caller ID, address books and other device features. Under Shaygan management, the company was able to reduce its budget on information technology from six percent to four percent of revenue. He also cut down the number of IT staff by twenty percent and by thirty percent the number of technology vendors whom the company purchased from IT equipment. He felt the need of having negotiations with vendors on price reduction and went ahead lobbying Verizon against purchasing equipment auctioned on eBay. Verizon IT hardware was utilized accordingly due to new software installation. Later on in 2011, Shaygan moved to work with Barclays. Here he was given the privilege of working as the chief operating officer of Business Bank and Global Retail. Shaygan used his skills to come up with a customer’s product software that was designed for mobile payments. This software was called Pingit. His hard work led to his promotion to being the head of technology operations, and he was included in the Barclays executive team. This was the first time for Barclays to include a technology officer in their board. In January 2014, Shaygan was made the head of Juniper Networks. Due to pressure from Elliot Management which was an activist investor Shaygan came up with an Integrated Operating Plan which was to help in restructuring and cost cutting. This plan worked efficiently which ended up giving positive returns by increasing dividends. In September the same year, Shaygan moved to Coriant where he was appointed the CEO.

Nobilis Health Corp: The Most Developed Healthcare Facility in the U.S.

The healthcare facility management and marketing firm named Nobilis Health Corp has just declared that it closed a $25 million facility debt with GE Capital, Healthcare Financial Services. This facility will be used to boost Nobilis’ growth and provide a new innovative line for working compensate.
Nobilis Health’s CEO announced that the transaction lucratively completed the Nobilis’ first goals in 2015; especially, the reduction in the financial costs and also streamlining the capital structure. And to add to that, Nobilis Health believes that the new partnership with the GE Capital is going to be able to enable another catalyst for Nobilis’ further growth during 2015.
A Senior Managing Director in Corporate Finance at GE Capital (the Healthcare Financial Services), Al Aria, announced that their main goal was to provide other healthcare organizations with the flexible programs that are going to help the customers to advance their associations. Aria also said that they were looking forward to encouraging their strategies of growing further in future.
What you should know about the Healthcare Financial Services, GE Capital
The business of GE Capital Healthcare Financial Services is believed to be the most productive capital provider in the market of the U.S. Healthcare. It earns more than about $10.5 billion in financing and provided more than about 240 businesses in the year of 2014.
During the fifth consecutive year, HFS became the number one lead planner in all financings that are under $500 million in the finance of U.S. Healthcare.
Customers from over 45 healthcare districts —that include medical offices, hospitals, outpatient services, senior housing, pharmaceuticals, and medical devices — are depending on HFS for the financial producement and working capital commitments. With the in-depth expertise in the industry and extensive knowledge, the HFS team of educated professionals finds financial solutions to fulfill the needs of customers.
What you should know when it comes to Nobilis Health Corp
Nobilis takes advantage of a creative direct-to-patient way of marketing that is focused on a special set of procedures that are performed by the highly educated physicians in the area at the centers. They administer and own ambulatory and acute care accommodations to provide healthcare services.
Nobilis owns and manages many concerns in ambulatory surgery centers in the important areas like Houston, Dallas, and Scottsdale, Arizona. In addition to this whole story, Nobilis is an owner of the sharp care hospital in the best surgery centers in Houston.
Nobilis also owns and manages interests in the Urgent Care clinic located in Houston and two conceive centers.
All in all, Nobilis Health has a creative team of healthcare business staff and practitioners who are very dedicated to enabling outstanding services in management and healthcare. They are nothing but trustworthy!
What they are looking for when spreading the business are candidates with curiosity and vision and have a sense of accountability. If you are maybe looking for a job and think you can handle the pressure of success, go for it!