Recap of Shaygan Kheradpir

Shaygan is a United States citizen who was born on December 19, 1960, in London, United States. He spent his early life in Iran where his father worked as a doctor specialized in treating ear, nose and throat ailments. Years later, Shaygan joined Cornell University in the United States where he had his main focus in electrical engineering. He is a holder of a Bachelors’, Masters’ and doctorate in electrical engineering specifically in control systems. Currently, Kheradpir is working as the chief executive officer of Coriant. Before attaining this position as a CEO, he has worked at several executive positions for Juniper, Barclays and Verizon networks. Shaygan secured his first job opportunity in 1987 at the GTE Laboratories. Here his major area of concern was on control and network routing management. He was recognized by The Wall Street Journal for his new invention on introducing new products to the market schedule. This made him earn respect. Therefore, he was appointed at the GTE Corporation as the chief information officer. In 2000, two companies that is; GTE and Bell Atlantic merged forming Verizon Communications. Before Shaygan being the first CIO of Verizon he worked at the e-business division as the president. His efforts were felt by the company in the diversification of telecommunication services and in automation operations. Kheradpir saw the need of creating small teams that were to help in the development of new ideas on products. This was in 2001. A prototype cycle was implemented this was to help in testing and modifying the new technologies implemented. It has been made public by InfoWorld that Shaygan Kheradpir on twitter and his team contributed largely at Verizon in the development of FiOS fiber and creation of software that manages caller ID, address books and other device features. Under Shaygan management, the company was able to reduce its budget on information technology from six percent to four percent of revenue. He also cut down the number of IT staff by twenty percent and by thirty percent the number of technology vendors whom the company purchased from IT equipment. He felt the need of having negotiations with vendors on price reduction and went ahead lobbying Verizon against purchasing equipment auctioned on eBay. Verizon IT hardware was utilized accordingly due to new software installation. Later on in 2011, Shaygan moved to work with Barclays. Here he was given the privilege of working as the chief operating officer of Business Bank and Global Retail. Shaygan used his skills to come up with a customer’s product software that was designed for mobile payments. This software was called Pingit. His hard work led to his promotion to being the head of technology operations, and he was included in the Barclays executive team. This was the first time for Barclays to include a technology officer in their board. In January 2014, Shaygan was made the head of Juniper Networks. Due to pressure from Elliot Management which was an activist investor Shaygan came up with an Integrated Operating Plan which was to help in restructuring and cost cutting. This plan worked efficiently which ended up giving positive returns by increasing dividends. In September the same year, Shaygan moved to Coriant where he was appointed the CEO.

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