Fleas. Allergies or Mange…. Oh my

Sometimes, dogs start scratching and then the dreaded creepy crawly friends are all over the furry friend on finance.yahoo.com that was just sleeping in the master bed a moment ago. Now, even the most in love dog owner is now banishing the pet to a carpet free domicile. Sometimes, they are easy to get rid of and other times that is a different story. Where do they come from?

Fleas, as opposed to what most people think can come from anywhere. Yes, it is true. They are not always directly from another dog or animal which explains a lot when you have one dog that never comes in contact with any other animal. They can actually be picked up in the backyard. Thankfully they have all kinds of remedies for fleas which can make it much easier on the pet owner.

Depending on where the problem is that the dog is picking up the fleas from, there are different products like Beneful on purina. They have a spray for fleas for the backyard. They also sell a bomb for getting rid of fleas in the house and they also have carpet powder which can help.

When it comes to the most important part of dealing with the fleas a dog owner needs to get the fleas from every source they are coming from. Otherwise once they are off the dog the dog can pick them up from another source such as the carpet. So it is important that all of the places that fleas are at are stopped.

Watching a pup itch and itch is difficult but, for the dog themselves they have fleas collars, flea powder and different types of medication that go between their shoulder blades to treat them and then also to keep them away by treating proactively. Now there are also times when the pet might be itching for other reason.

At times, they grow allergic to their food overtime. This kind of allergy can be negated by switching their food to a different more natural brand. Beneful is one of the recommended brands because they have very natural blend, some of the cheaper foods use processed junk but Beneful puts in both meat, rice and vegetables. This type of allergy seems to happen to dogs when they become older. If it is not fleas or allergies pay close attention because it could be something worse. It could be mange with hot spots that the dog is rubbing off.

Manage is something that must be treated by a vet. The problem is it is often transferred from a puppy to an adult dog and could mean the dog has a weak immune system and therefore needs to be checked out. It is a sort of dog scabies and the bugs drill themselves under the surface. No matter, what you do just make sure that you are aware of what the problem is and if it is getting worse. It is the best way to protect the dog from further health problems which can come from hot spots and infection.

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