Browse Month: December 2015


Today, we still use the traditional search text box to find products. A new product being tested by two retailers is seeking to change that. Image recognition has advanced so much that it is now possible to search a picture directly on the web. The retailer will use the sophisticated search technology that allows one to image recognition that is deep in a web using human-like abilities.

The new efforts to get into search technology follows in the footstep of several; companies that have tried it and failed. They include Amazon, which launched a phone last year but failed badly in its efforts. Google also bought such a company called and it has silently implemented it with limited success. has launched a startup to help develop this technology. The startup is called Sentient and has already raised $ 143 million. The team at MIT has started a research on how these companies are going to create a new way to search things. These companies are expected to use Artificial intelligence to create applications that will change search technology.

The E-commerce has rapidly grown and the entry of A.I is a just a new field in this ever expanding field. Today, data analytics companies receive information from Google about your browsing habits and send you relevant ads.

Slyce is one such company that is at the fore front of search technology. It permits you to take photos of search Items and search them online. The picture hunting brings you comparative pictures of the Item, and you can fine tune the search process from there onwards.

The Slyce has taken advantage of the breakthrough in AI and expects the item will be displayed with related Items close to them. The new feature is supposed to work in all smartphones and will make search easy. The new app has been created by a team of specialist who spend many hours working on the project.

Slyce has invested heavily in this technology. It is expected it will be a partner of many retailers as they seek to expand to this critical market segment. It is a well-known fact that humans respond better to visual search.

A person will buy a product if searched online and displayed in image forms research shows. It is also human nature to admire a piece of furniture but not know where it was acquired from.

The Wonderful Beneful Brands Of Dog Food

Just about everyone that knows anything about the Beneful brand will be able to truly see that this is one of the most prolific dog food creators in the world. This is a brand that has more than 30 different varieties and it seems like the flavors just seem coming. I have four that have stood out with me and my family members over the years.

It started with the Beneful Chopped Blends. This is where I first witnessed the reaction of dogs to a dog food that they really love. I was sitting on the porch and my brother had brought home some of the Chopped Blends with carrots, peas and wild rice. I saw the dogs running up to him with so much anticipation. I was amazed by how much they just seemed to love this food. It was a staple in his household, but I had never heard of it until then. That moment stood out to me because I started reading the label on and discovered that this was vegetable blends.

My brother was a fan of Beneful for a long time, but I had never had a dog. A couple of years after I had witnessed his dogs and their love of Beneful on purina I found myself with a daughter that wanted a puppy for Christmas. I knew that my brother had dogs that were crazy about a certain dog food, but I couldn’t remember what it was. My brother reminded me that he gave his dogs the Chopped Blends from Beneful. I asked him if that was something that my daughter’s new puppy might like. He stated that he had an adult sized dog so he favored Chopped Blends, but he told me that the Beneful for Healthy Puppies would be my best option.

I would discover the Beneful Baked Delights by accident. I was in a pet store and I just decided to let my daughter’s dog try this. At this time the dog was a little bigger, and I thought the treats would be a good snack in between meals.

I recently discovered the Incredibites from Beneful and I found that this was also a healthy product that contained many nutrients. The Incredibites brand is great for people that have active dogs. Incredibites has also served us well as my daughter’s dog got older. I continue to stay with the Beneful Incredites with beef.

Lacrosse Legend Jon Urbana Unveils His Creative Side

In the city of Denver and around campus at Villanova, Jon Urbana is well known as one of the great lacrosse players and coaches of the last decade, his Next Level Lacrosse academy is just one of his many business ventures that have brought Urbana financial success. Urbana is not only interested in business and financial success, instead he looks to his Facebook profile to show the next generation of lacrosse players just how they can achieve success through teamwork and effort. In his own life, Jon Urbana is looking to express himself in many creative ways that may be surprising for those who only know his public image shown on Twitter.

Just how does Jon Urbana spend his time away from his lacrosse camps and everyday job as Head of Business at Ellipse USA? For one, he runs a number of charity drives including one at CrowdRise that goes straight to the animal rescue and adoption society, and another – his Earth Force fundraiser, hosted at He’s helping the organization hit a goal of $1,750 to empower youth in their efforts to promote an eco-friendly world.

Donate to Jon Urbana’s Charity Drive from Jon Urbana on Vimeo.

Urbana has also spent a large amount of his time working on his skills as a pilot (watch Jon in the air), which has led him to become one of a select few pilots who have made their way onto the FAA’s Airmen Certification Database. A copy of the certificate can be found at Urbana’s personal website. This list is usually reserved for commercial pilots who have undertaken the most rigorous training, education and medical tests to prove their skills and ability to perform at the highest level of the aviation industry.

Alongside the business life and aviation industry skills Jon Urbana has developed, the former Villanova lacrosse standout has also found the time to create an active social media persona for himself. This has seen Urbana become active on Twitter, Facebook, and create an extensive profile detailing his many achievements and interests.

The constantly evolving nature of the life of Jon Urbana has seen him reach the heights as a musician in recent years, an area of his creative side that Urbana has only recently revealed. Accomplished as a guitar player, Urbana has now taken a new direction with his artistic life by taking on the world of electronic music. Through Soundcloud and the MTV website, Jon Urbana has revealed a series of original songs and remixes of others that have been well received critically and by the general public.

The Impact Of Lime Crime

Doe Deere is a modern day technology executive. She in fact is the creator of an exquisite and radiant make-up company called Lime Crime. This lady is making a statement in the market of cosmetics. Doe a natural beauty and style lover is aware that women want some thing exciting and different when it comes to makeup products.

For that reason she developed Lime Crime and only focuses on the most fashionable pigments in her line. Doe is recognized for her distinctive colors and shades. The lip gloss is striking because it is extremely shinny with ambiance. The gloss has glitter perfectly baked into it which gives a spectacular finish. This makeup is full of surprises and is not for the traditional types.

Doe transferred to the US from Russia to apply her creativity and innovative imagination. She sought to be a well-known recording artist but then realized her love for fashion and beauty. Also called the Unicorn Queen she made the decision to design a dream make-up collection. The make-up line presents lipsticks in shades like peachy pink, lilac blue, and deep red. Doe is involved in all the facets of her makeup line and is constantly thinking about new cutting edge colors. She has been experimenting with color since she was a little girl and has now mastered the art.

If you want to know about the latest beauty trends Lime Crime is a wonderful resource. I ended up staying in the online store for some time checking out all the extras. Doe Deere is experienced and tends to make use of all her creative talents to make her cosmetics pop. She makes certain that even her liquid liners feature crazy tones like lime green, silver, and purple. Doe herself seriously enjoys dressing up and changing into several one of a kind looks. There are a variety of images of Doe throughout the internet.

I find it enjoyable to let makeup be a way of transporting different feelings. This is why Lime Crime stands out in terms of motivating girls to use uncommon beauty products that have stunning color. Doe Deere likes the reality that all the elements of her business is not something common to the cosmetics world. She has a fantastic hair coloring series in a very similar style fresh with amazing shades like green, lilac, and pink.

I have been using makeup since I was a teenager and thought I saw it all. Lime Crime is more that just a cosmetics line. When you visit the online store is can easily take you on a journey into Doe’s colorful imagination. Opening yourself up to makeup ideas that you would not normally attempt. This is why Lime Crime is so special and loved.