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Baby Boomers And Luxury Markets Remain Important In New York Real Estate

The New York Daily News has recently published its real estate predictions for 2016, and reveals high numbers of baby boomers returning to the city and luxury property sales are key areas of growth in the coming months. A number of factors look set to combine in 2016 to create problems in some areas of the markets, but other areas will remain successful as economic problems do not tend to affect these greatly.

Town Residential is one of the real estate companies looking to retain their success and build for the future in 2016, which will see the many different areas the company works in become an important aspect of their success. Town has a range of agents specializing in both the sales and rentals markets across almost every borough of New York City apartments for rent.

Town Residential is the latest venture from founder and CEO Andrew Heiberger who has found success with his earlier entries into the real estate markets of New York City. The success of Town is often reported to be made possible by the innovative management team the company has put into place that allows support from experienced real estate professionals to be available to all Town representatives.

Baby boomers look set to provide a major area of growth as they seek a return to New York City after their family lives draw to a close; the number of baby boomers looking to return to areas in Manhattan and Brooklyn will increase by a large amount from 2016 onwards. Location will be an important part of the movement of baby boomers who will be attracted to the rental opportunities and introductory rates in this up and coming area.

Luxury property buyers at all levels will also see themselves ignore the rising interest rates expected in 2016 to remain a strong market for properties priced above $10 million. The most expensive properties in New York and entry level luxury properties priced between $1 million and $3 million will both remain vibrant markets for real estate professionals across New York City.

A Tale Of Yeonmi Park’s Miraculous Escape From North Korea

DailyMail recently released a story about Yeonmi Park’s escape from North Korea as a girl. Her experience can only be described as harrowing, and this article briefly explains how she made her escape from North Korea with her mother. No one should have to go through such an ordeal, but this article proves that people can survive even the harshest of conditions.

#1: She Left As A Young Teen

Yeonmi and her mother chose to leave North when Yeonmi Park was a young teenager. Their journey took them across the border in the middle of the night into Mongolia and China. The two of them were kept by a smuggler who trapped them for nearly two years. Yeonmi was subject to the brutal task of watching mother be violated often, and the two of them were finally released to make their across lower Asia before finding safety.

#2: Yeonmi Was Fortunate To Have A Western Education

Yeonmi was fortunate enough to find herself in England receiving an education, and she used that education to build an argument against the North Korean regime. She wanted to speak up about what she saw in North Korea, and she began giving speeches that were posted on YouTube. She became an Internet sensation who was requested around the world, and she started a podcast series to talk about North Korea.

#3: Yeonmi Returns To South Korea

Yeonmi has returned to South Korea to continue her activism in spite of the fact that North Korea has denounced her many times. The current regime wants Yeonmi to be silent, and she is aware that assassination attempts may be made against her. She has not back down from her rhetoric, and she hopes to make a difference by being so close to her homeland.

Yeonmi Park is an inspiring figure who speaks up about a country no one knows much about. North Korea is a mysterious place where human rights abuses are perpetrated every day, but heroes like Yeonmi Park tell the world her story every day to educate the population. Her story should be inspiration to anyone who feels hopeless.


Jon Urbana’s Finest Achievements To Date

Few people in this world are able to commit to more than one industry for their career achievements. Every so often, a person comes along that has the talent, skill and versatility to shine in more than one field of study. Jon Urbana is an inspirational man that deserves credit for his accomplishments, and he has received recognition from some of the top names in his fields of study. He has received recognition as an outstanding pilot. He has had write-ups on his musical style and career. He has experienced the joy of running a prestigious lacrosse camp. He has also had success in his videography career. This post will provide some of the background on Jon Urbana’s achievements.

Sky High Achievements

It takes a lot of patience and hard work to get your pilot’s license, especially when you’re busy hosting charity drives for the environment. Not every person who applies to become a pilot has what it takes to go through their programs. Jon Urbana received his pilot’s license, and he received a special recognition from the FAA. The FAA acknowledges Jon’s high level of attention to detail and safety procedures by giving him recognition in the Airman Certification Database.

Music Styling Of Jon Urbana

Jon Urbana has received a write-up from MTV that discusses his influential style of music. He started his musical career with his first guitar and his first recording software. He has been sampling artists and creating new tracks ever since he started. His music features a distinct electronic sound. He’s been steadily building a Soundcloud for his followers to enjoy.


Jon Urbana is a born athlete. He has seen success in his endeavors playing lacrosse for Villanova in college, and he enjoys squash and skiing. He decided to build on his Facebook presence and work with others to found the Next Level Lacrosse Camp in order to teach youths about lacrosse.


Videography is Jon’s way of showing us his journey. His Vimeo account is the best way to stay up to date on his new adventures. Jon showcases nature at its finest. He also has some artistic videos.

Jon Urbana Photography from Jon Urbana on Vimeo.

Raising Money for Autism with Autism Rocks

The money required for research on any particular medical condition is expensive. It can take hundreds of millions of dollars for researchers to follow through with a particular course of study. Researchers can then work off of one another while they attempt to build on possible cures and preventative offerings for medical conditions. One such condition is autism. Scientists have yet to determine what the actual cause is for autism. There is no one sign that someone will develop autism, and many are autistic without suffering any kind of trauma or other problems during the child baring process. Due to this, it often comes as a shock to parents when their child is diagnosed with autism. Sometimes this is apparent right away, other times it might not become identified for several months. Regardless though, the money required for both autism research and to help parents prepare for the condition of their child is especially expensive.

Any and all money raised for this kind of condition is very important and can go a long way. It is why Sanjay Shah has created campaign known as Autism Rocks. This is a special, invite only concert series that takes place around the world. These individual concerts are designed to raise money to go towards informing parents and providing them with the kind of financial assistance required. It can also go towards sponsoring autistic children around the world who simply do not have access to the required medical treatment they might find within the United States or if they had parents with more financial assets to assist with the condition.

Sanjay Shah sees that all of the concerts are put on by musicians who are donating their time. The musicians do not receive money for the cause but instead the money raised by patrons looking to go to the concert go to this charitable foundation. Sanjay, who has a son who suffers from autism, understands the importance of raising money in order to combat this kind of situation and to make sure children all around the world have access to the education and medical assistance available to make them more successful.

A High Protein Breakfast is Necessary for Your Health

Most people are in a hurry in the morning and skip breakfast. Most have heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and for whatever reasons shrug this off and go about their day. A breakfast in the morning is like fueling up your car’s gas tank when it is running of ‘E’. Your body is the same way.

Eating a healthy breakfast is especially important when you are in a lifestyle change for your health. Eating better and exercising every day is all well and good, but if you skip the most important meal of the day, it throws an unseen monkey wrench into all of your good intentions.

A breakfast high in protein fills you up, eats away at stored up body fat and gives you increased energy to start your day. When choosing breakfast foods, Sergio Cortes suggests you choose high protein options such as oatmeal, eggs, cheese, granola with almond or coconut milk, eggs, (numerous ways to quickly prepare), peanut butter, fat-free yogurt, almond butter, tortillas instead of bread, breakfast burrito with beans, granola, granola muffins, high protein smoothies, cottage cheese, do not forget to add a scope of whey protein in foods, whole grain breads, fresh or frozen fruit mixture.

Granted you need to prepare your healthy breakfast from this options, but you can still make a quick and easy meal if you plan your day right and consider a high protein breakfast a priority in starting your day on the right foot.


Wengie: A Successful Woman On Youtube

Youtube is an outlet that is used by many millions of people to share their videos online. In fact, it is arguably the most popular video sharing website on the internet. Although there are numerous people that post youtube videos, not all of them become big hits. However, there are some people on youtube that have become famous by posting their videos on this website. Those who are famous on youtube can earn a significant amount of money from having their videos on the site. One famous youtube user is Wengie. Wengie has a youtube channel that focuses on beauty related videos. A lot of her videos focus on tips for asian women.

There are quite a number of different famous youtube channels. These channels are on a variety of different topics. In fact, there are famous youtube users that discuss everything from music to beauty to the news. These youtube users have become famous in a variety of different ways. Some have promoted themselves extensively. Others have simply become famous from the unique nature of their videos.

Wengie has a youtube channel called The Wonderful World of Wengie. She not only gives tips for beauty, but she also talks about trends in beauty. From time to time, things change. What was popular in years past may no longer be popular. Wengie comments on these trends, and she helps women to stay up to date with the latest trends.

She has had some unique inspirations for her videos. She did not grow up around those who were seriously interested in beauty. She developed a strong interest in it on her own. However, she found a lot of the advice given to women on beauty dealt with different products than she found were best for her. She began researching asian made beauty products. As she did this, she learned a great deal about these products. When she created her youtube channel, she discussed advice about these products in her videos. This has made her channel quite popular amongst asian american women and asian women in Australia, which is where she is from.

Helane Morrison Standing Above The Rest

From what I can see, being a compliance officer these days, is no walk in the park. My research shows that compliance officers, hired to make sure traders adhere to the law, are themselves, currently facing increased scrutiny while on the job. 

Much of the increased legal interest focused on compliance officers comes after several were found responsible for a multitude of mistakes, that occurred while working for their individual firms. At the moment, New York City’s primary financial regulator is seeking the power to charge compliance officers as criminals in certain cases. In 2015, three dozen high-level compliance officers abandoned their work. Many of them were overlooking attempts to prevent money laundering along with additional financial crimes, and feel unfairly persecuted. One of the results of the financial meltdown was that multiple banks hired compliance officers to identify internal issues, some of which have been the root cause of huge fines. On top of that, compliance officers served to help usher in a new era of banking surrounded by an increase in regulations. Chief compliance officers are now earning an upwards of two million dollars per year. Those focused specifically in policing money laundering are said to earn nearly six-hundred thousand dollars or more.

Now there are regulators in place attempting to monitor who compliance officers report to themselves. They are looking to ensure compliance officers aren’t overlooking bad bank decisions, and that penalties against officers intentionally avoiding looking into bad behavior are adhered to.

One compliance officer who appears to be making a difference, is a woman named Helane Morrison, the Chief Compliance Officer for Hall Capital Partners LLC, and member of the company’s Executive Committee. She became a part of the firm in 2007, and before that, she led the San Francisco Office of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission from 1999 until she left the firm to become a part of Hall Capital Partners LLC. 

Morrison and her staff study of the records of investment advisors and brokerage firms, as well as enforce laws upon those cheating investors. Everything I’ve read suggests that it is hard workers like Helane Morrison who are maintaining order and integrity during changing times.

To learn more about Helane’s life and career, connect with her on LinkedIn or check her out on Crunchbase.

How Do Premium Dog Food Brands Like Beneful Attract Customers?

Beneful and other premium dog food brands are attracting customers at a fast pace, and each company is using the same formula for success. A recent article in Facebook sheds a little light on the situation, and anyone who wants a peek at the dog food industry will be intrigued. Dog owners who have been looking for healthy options for their dogs finally have a place to go for everything that is needed to keep a dog healthy.

#1: The Ingredients Are Real

Natural ingredients in foods are the wave of the future, and dog owners are looking for ways to serve their pets healthier foods all the time. A dog who is eating healthy tends to live longer, and veterinarians are recommending better foods every day. Most veterinary offices carry healthy foods in their own practices, and dog owners can trust their pets with such successful brands as Beneful.

#2: The Food Is Good Enough For Anyone To Eat

The foods used to create Beneful products are good enough for anyone to eat. The article in the Daily Herald shares a story of a manager taking a bite of food from the line like a snack, and the products are so good that humans could eat them. Dog owners may not choose to eat Beneful themselves, but dogs will be much happier knowing that the foods in Beneful products come from the kitchen table.

#3: Variety

The variety offered by Beneful and other brands helps dog owners keep their pets happy. A dog owner who wants to get their dog something interesting every day has a much better chance of finding what they need by simply looking through the catalog of foods from Beneful. There are treats, dry foods and wet foods that dogs will love. Every dog will fall in love with one or two products that are perfect for them.

Purina Beneful and other premium dog foods are helping dogs and their owners eat healthy food every day. Dogs are healthier when they consume natural foods, and dog owners will have confidence in the products they purchase.


Darius Fisher, the Fixer

Darius Maxwell Fisher is a renowned enterpriser, business authority, president and co founder of Status Labs which is an online notoriety management,digital marketing and social relations firm that originated in January 2013 in Austin, Texas.
PRWEEK proclaimed in October 2015, in Innovation 50 that it perceives Status Labs as a bright ascending star in public relations and digital communications, acclaimed this company for profound sphere of work and expertise which includes crisis resolution, vaccinating clients where doable beforehand or ultimately resolve the problem after the fact, and shining up Google search results for more than 1500 clients in 35 countries.
Status labs offered second chances to Fortune 500 brands, politicians, executives, CEO’s, athletes and notable public figures.
Darius Fisher received distinguished recognition from the New York Times and Yahoo News,for their interference in benefiting victims of the Ashley Madison drudge and empower them to inflate sales by way of persuasive digital marketing skills and a debonair public relations plan of action.
Darius Fisher created the vital perception of his company and constructed partnerships with agencies and determinants, and initiated their domestic and international gross revenue and account governing body groups.
He congregated an amazingly adept team of 35 employees in his company and promoted Status Labs internationally, constructing business in Latin America,Europe,and the Gulf Region..
Status Labs now has offices in Sao Paolo,Brazil and New York.
He created several companies that have generated revenue in excess of $20 million.
Darius Maxwell Fisher was born in New York, and graduated from Vanderbilt University with a BS degree in economics.
He has always had an interest in digital mercantilism, technology, government and social dealings, notoriety management,commercial and residential real estate evolution.
Preceding to forming his company, he was employed by Agora in Buenos Aires, Argentina a senior copywriter and his occupation took him to Ireland,Argentina,and Baltimore, Maryland.
And much earlier in life he was also employed by Discovia in San Francisco, Ca. as a litigation support executive, and also worked for Storefront Political Media in San Francisco, Ca. as a political consultant.
He lived in Spain, and traveled throughout India,Europe,South America and the United States.
He speaks fluent Spanish and Portuguese.