Darius Fisher, the Fixer

Darius Maxwell Fisher is a renowned enterpriser, business authority, president and co founder of Status Labs which is an online notoriety management,digital marketing and social relations firm that originated in January 2013 in Austin, Texas.
PRWEEK proclaimed in October 2015, in Innovation 50 that it perceives Status Labs as a bright ascending star in public relations and digital communications, acclaimed this company for profound sphere of work and expertise which includes crisis resolution, vaccinating clients where doable beforehand or ultimately resolve the problem after the fact, and shining up Google search results for more than 1500 clients in 35 countries.
Status labs offered second chances to Fortune 500 brands, politicians, executives, CEO’s, athletes and notable public figures.
Darius Fisher received distinguished recognition from the New York Times and Yahoo News,for their interference in benefiting victims of the Ashley Madison drudge and empower them to inflate sales by way of persuasive digital marketing skills and a debonair public relations plan of action.
Darius Fisher created the vital perception of his company and constructed partnerships with agencies and determinants, and initiated their domestic and international gross revenue and account governing body groups.
He congregated an amazingly adept team of 35 employees in his company and promoted Status Labs internationally, constructing business in Latin America,Europe,and the Gulf Region..
Status Labs now has offices in Sao Paolo,Brazil and New York.
He created several companies that have generated revenue in excess of $20 million.
Darius Maxwell Fisher was born in New York, and graduated from Vanderbilt University with a BS degree in economics.
He has always had an interest in digital mercantilism, technology, government and social dealings, notoriety management,commercial and residential real estate evolution.
Preceding to forming his company, he was employed by Agora in Buenos Aires, Argentina a senior copywriter and his occupation took him to Ireland,Argentina,and Baltimore, Maryland.
And much earlier in life he was also employed by Discovia in San Francisco, Ca. as a litigation support executive, and also worked for Storefront Political Media in San Francisco, Ca. as a political consultant.
He lived in Spain, and traveled throughout India,Europe,South America and the United States.
He speaks fluent Spanish and Portuguese.

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