Jon Urbana’s Finest Achievements To Date

Few people in this world are able to commit to more than one industry for their career achievements. Every so often, a person comes along that has the talent, skill and versatility to shine in more than one field of study. Jon Urbana is an inspirational man that deserves credit for his accomplishments, and he has received recognition from some of the top names in his fields of study. He has received recognition as an outstanding pilot. He has had write-ups on his musical style and career. He has experienced the joy of running a prestigious lacrosse camp. He has also had success in his videography career. This post will provide some of the background on Jon Urbana’s achievements.

Sky High Achievements

It takes a lot of patience and hard work to get your pilot’s license, especially when you’re busy hosting charity drives for the environment. Not every person who applies to become a pilot has what it takes to go through their programs. Jon Urbana received his pilot’s license, and he received a special recognition from the FAA. The FAA acknowledges Jon’s high level of attention to detail and safety procedures by giving him recognition in the Airman Certification Database.

Music Styling Of Jon Urbana

Jon Urbana has received a write-up from MTV that discusses his influential style of music. He started his musical career with his first guitar and his first recording software. He has been sampling artists and creating new tracks ever since he started. His music features a distinct electronic sound. He’s been steadily building a Soundcloud for his followers to enjoy.


Jon Urbana is a born athlete. He has seen success in his endeavors playing lacrosse for Villanova in college, and he enjoys squash and skiing. He decided to build on his Facebook presence and work with others to found the Next Level Lacrosse Camp in order to teach youths about lacrosse.


Videography is Jon’s way of showing us his journey. His Vimeo account is the best way to stay up to date on his new adventures. Jon showcases nature at its finest. He also has some artistic videos.

Jon Urbana Photography from Jon Urbana on Vimeo.

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