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Yahoo Finance’s Report On Slyce

What’s Changed At Slyce?

In case you are new to the tech world, Slyce is a premier platform for visual search recognition. What does this mean? Visual search recognition is a new way to conduct online shopping that makes it easier on every party involved. Retailers love the new tech developments offered by companies like Slyce because they get some great marketing coverage for their products, and the sales roll in quicker for retailers because of this added exposure. Consumers also love the tech functions of Slyce because it makes their whole shopping experience more enjoyable, and Slyce is easy to use. We’ll cover some of the latest developments presented by a report from Yahoo Finance in this post.

Newest Developments In Slyce’s Technology

Slyce was already miles ahead of their competition because of the enthusiasm from major retailers about this new technology. They have made it easier for consumers to find everything imaginable in their online shopping experience without the troubles of conducting lengthy searches by using troublesome keywords. Slyce allows users to simply point their device at an object that they want to purchase in their shopping experience, take a picture of the object and purchase the object right there. The addition of Slyce’s new Universal Scanner feature allows consumers to even capture pictures of other pictures (such as print ads) or take pictures of any kind of barcode (barcodes, QR codes, and others).

Highlights In Slyce’s Business Operations

As mentioned earlier, Slyce had already developed serious relationships with several major, big name retailers to offer their products directly to consumers through their application. These relationships include big names in retail like Home Depot and Tilly’s. In the past year they have added a bunch of other major retailers to their list of associated brands. These new partnerships and contracts include Urban Outfitters, Shoe Carnival, Neiman Marcus, and others.

A Pioneer Paving The Way

The future is now and iFunding, a prominent real estate marketplace utilizing a crowd-funding model is leading the way. Via technology, the innovative, revolutionary platform unites top of the line Developers and Property Owners with investors. In some ways, their overall operation revolves around the facilitation of efficient business, plain and simple. In other words, iFunding grants both sides of the party collectively beneficial answer to the work surrounding raising real estate finances. In particular, iFunding provides opportunities in investing to certified professionals, in addition to deals as affordable as five-thousand dollars. In particular, iFunding manages debt and select equity fundraising focus on a diverse number of different properties. Specifically everything from condominiums and apartment buildings, hotels, malls, large family homes, single homes, as well as other buildings. Notably, the iFunding app has acquired a much deserved reputation for consistency and quality, achieved through their profound commitment to investors, to whom they offer a platform built on transparency and service. Known for their flexibility and array of expertise in a multitude of project based funds, iFunding has earned their status and recognition for their game-changing approach to the investment world. William Skelley, the celebrated founder of iFunding is a true student of the market, having become known for his progressive willingness to think outside of the box, not to mention his foresight and ability to articulate just how his world works.

William Skelley has amassed a slew of experience in the business world on a number of different levels. He has worked with Dr. Clayton Christensen, a Harvard Business School professor, and founder of the hedge fund, Rose Park Advisors, where Skelley served as Principle. Additionally, CrunchBase indicates that Skelley has spent time working, advising many start-ups, while putting in time at Bain Capital, General Electric, and Olympus.

As far as his education is concerned, William Skelley attended Harvard Business School, and met Dr. Clayton Christensen. Now, in 2016, he’s scheduled to appear on an episode of ‘The Stoler Report’ concentrating on the progression of major real-estate practice. There’s no question that iFunding CEO and founder, William Skelley is a new pioneer in the ever-shifting world of real estate. His ability to adapt, and provide a progressive model of business that succeeds in conjunction with his wisdom concerning the market shows a man of not only intelligence, but also virtue and a consideration for his practice and it’s affect on the globe as a whole.

Gender Equality On Wikipedia

Wikipedia: the go to source for quick, accurate information on a range of topics. From politicians to plants, musicians to movie stars, the Wikipedia page is always in the top five search results gathered from major engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing. With so many people reading articles on an variety of subjects, the content is sure to be scrutinized. Recently, a group known as The Interface Archive has begun an effort for place more focus on women in the arts. Reports have shown that less than 5% of Wikipedia writers are women, pulling focus away from feminist topics in favor of male dominated ones. The effort is spearheaded by Art+Feminism, and slowly but surely, they are working to increase the female presence on this mainstay of information.

With its ubiquity and omnipresence on this internet, there can be no doubt that what is written on Wikipedia can enhance or damage the public perception of any subject. That includes businesses and public figures, which is why it is so important to ensure a public Wikipedia page is well written and professional. Professional Wiki editing services gained from hiring Wikipedia writers such as those from Get Your Wiki. Ensure that this job is done well. Professional pages are proven to increase sales for a business, give a positive boost to reputation, and add even more credibility to a brand.

In order to update a Wikipedia page, potential Wiki writers must navigate the Terms and Conditions and the rules governing format and citations. Many individuals are not able to precisely follow these guidelines and get their pieces approved. That is why sources such as Get Your Wiki are so invaluable: these authors are trained, and businesses can count on them to deliver a professional page. Just as Art+Feminism is dedicated to creating pages to highlight women, the arts, and important feminist topics, Get Your Wiki is devoted to the creation of accurate and impressive pages to boost interest in a person or business.

E-Commerce Gets A Boost from Image Recognition Startups

E-commerce generates billions of dollars for online retailers. With figures of this magnitude, it would be believed nothing is necessary to improve the process of searching for and selecting merchandise. As anyone who follows the history of technology knows, improvements and advancements are always necessary in order for retailers to stay competitive. This is why so much effort is being done to develop visual search technology.

The retailers, however, are not the ones who are devising visual (image) search technology. Rather, unique startup companies are coming up with these outstanding new ideas in software for retail websites.

One such startup is Slyce, and the Toronto company is the perfect example of brilliance, innovation, and success. Slyce developed an app that works with a smartphone camera. After taking a photo of merchandise or an item that looks like particular merchandise, a search can be performed through a retailer’s website. As is obvious, the visual search process eliminates the need for typing any text when performing a search.

E-commerce retailers realize that making things easier for customers almost always leads to increased sales. One major company that signed a contract with Slyce discovered visual search technology definitely helped boost profits and revenue. In fact, the company was surprised to see the deal with Slyce generated revenues far beyond even highly-optimistic expectations.

One massive benefit to integrating image recognition software into a website is customers are able to look at a variety of choices. One image can be matched to untold scores of other similar images. Text, on the other hand, can be very limiting. When a large array of selections are presented thanks to the image search, customers may opt to go with an alternative choice. With text and limited results, the customers might not choose to make a purchase at all.

Empty shopping carts cannot generate revenue. With visual search software, shopping carts may remain less empty for buyers and sellers.

Retailers also have another positive trait to tap into when relying on image recognition programs. Image recognition programs are extremely helpful in providing retailers with consumer research data. Being awarded such data definitely helps businesses know what is hot, what is not, and what should be kept in stock.

Successful startup companies were able to come up with the incredible concept of image recognition programs.

Analytic Data From Visual Search Companies Like Slyce

Visual Search Apps From Slyce

One of the biggest and most innovative companies in the visual search industry today is Slyce. If you are unfamiliar with what visual search is, then let me tell you what this industry is doing for the online shopping community. The visual search industry, including Slyce, is sending accurate analytic data to retailers, online and offline retailers. This data helps retailers anticipate what types of products will sell in the future. Slyce is also helping consumers simplify their lives by allowing them to search for product on the web by using their camera instead of typing in long lists of keywords.

Slyce offers a variety of products to consumers in the form of applications. The apps are easy to use, and they are free to download. The Slyce app comes with a bunch of features that make the online shopping experience easy and fun. Slyce also created Snip Snap, a coupon sharing application. They created Pounce, which is an app that can identify any object in a picture. Additionally, they created Crave. This app is valuable if you are interested in finding clothing or shoes. Crave generates results in a matter of seconds when you take a picture of clothing or shoes that you want to purchase.

News In Visual Search Industry

There are plenty of visual search companies out there that are just starting up. According to an article from Live Mint, these companies are starting up all over the world, and they are helping retailers become more profitable in their measures. They are also helping to give retailers a better sense of what trends exist in the online shopping industry. The bulk of purchases that occur online are in the fashion industry. However, there are a high number of other purchases in the lifestyle and home improvement industry as well.

Retailers are getting used to seeing trends generated from online purchases. However, they are still having trouble figuring out what strategies to use when they stock up on products to sell. In the Live Mint article, a number of key players give their opinions about this industry. There are quotes from a consumer, a developer and a consulting firm representative about the state of affairs in the online shopping community. It’s a pretty interesting article. You can check it out on Live Mint’s website by going to this link.