Analytic Data From Visual Search Companies Like Slyce

Visual Search Apps From Slyce

One of the biggest and most innovative companies in the visual search industry today is Slyce. If you are unfamiliar with what visual search is, then let me tell you what this industry is doing for the online shopping community. The visual search industry, including Slyce, is sending accurate analytic data to retailers, online and offline retailers. This data helps retailers anticipate what types of products will sell in the future. Slyce is also helping consumers simplify their lives by allowing them to search for product on the web by using their camera instead of typing in long lists of keywords.

Slyce offers a variety of products to consumers in the form of applications. The apps are easy to use, and they are free to download. The Slyce app comes with a bunch of features that make the online shopping experience easy and fun. Slyce also created Snip Snap, a coupon sharing application. They created Pounce, which is an app that can identify any object in a picture. Additionally, they created Crave. This app is valuable if you are interested in finding clothing or shoes. Crave generates results in a matter of seconds when you take a picture of clothing or shoes that you want to purchase.

News In Visual Search Industry

There are plenty of visual search companies out there that are just starting up. According to an article from Live Mint, these companies are starting up all over the world, and they are helping retailers become more profitable in their measures. They are also helping to give retailers a better sense of what trends exist in the online shopping industry. The bulk of purchases that occur online are in the fashion industry. However, there are a high number of other purchases in the lifestyle and home improvement industry as well.

Retailers are getting used to seeing trends generated from online purchases. However, they are still having trouble figuring out what strategies to use when they stock up on products to sell. In the Live Mint article, a number of key players give their opinions about this industry. There are quotes from a consumer, a developer and a consulting firm representative about the state of affairs in the online shopping community. It’s a pretty interesting article. You can check it out on Live Mint’s website by going to this link.

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