Yahoo Finance’s Report On Slyce

What’s Changed At Slyce?

In case you are new to the tech world, Slyce is a premier platform for visual search recognition. What does this mean? Visual search recognition is a new way to conduct online shopping that makes it easier on every party involved. Retailers love the new tech developments offered by companies like Slyce because they get some great marketing coverage for their products, and the sales roll in quicker for retailers because of this added exposure. Consumers also love the tech functions of Slyce because it makes their whole shopping experience more enjoyable, and Slyce is easy to use. We’ll cover some of the latest developments presented by a report from Yahoo Finance in this post.

Newest Developments In Slyce’s Technology

Slyce was already miles ahead of their competition because of the enthusiasm from major retailers about this new technology. They have made it easier for consumers to find everything imaginable in their online shopping experience without the troubles of conducting lengthy searches by using troublesome keywords. Slyce allows users to simply point their device at an object that they want to purchase in their shopping experience, take a picture of the object and purchase the object right there. The addition of Slyce’s new Universal Scanner feature allows consumers to even capture pictures of other pictures (such as print ads) or take pictures of any kind of barcode (barcodes, QR codes, and others).

Highlights In Slyce’s Business Operations

As mentioned earlier, Slyce had already developed serious relationships with several major, big name retailers to offer their products directly to consumers through their application. These relationships include big names in retail like Home Depot and Tilly’s. In the past year they have added a bunch of other major retailers to their list of associated brands. These new partnerships and contracts include Urban Outfitters, Shoe Carnival, Neiman Marcus, and others.

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