Is Beneful Changing The Dog Food Industry For The Better, Or For The Worse?

Anyone who has been paying any kind of attention to the pet food industry will have seen a marked shift in the last decade. A shift which has given rise to a whole new sub-industry, the premium pet food market. This move has been predicated upon the increased use of familiar products in food, a ethos which can essentially be summed up by saying, “My dog will have what I’m having.” This has been shown to be true in numerous surveys which point to the fact that, more and more, people are beginning to consider their fine, furry friends as more a member of their family rather than just a pet.

One of the principal companies responsible for spearheading this growing movement is the well known and massively profitable Beneful Brand, a company under the ownership of Nestle Purina corporation which feeds a estimated fourteen million dogs each year (you can read more on this here huffpost beneful revisited). But Beneful has been under heated scrutiny as of late due to certain ingredients such as propylene glycol, according to is a chemical that can also be found in antifreeze. This may seem quite shocking to those who are not particularly familiar with the US Food and Drug Administrations (FDA) restrictions but those that are will know that this is not a uncommon practice. Indeed, propylene glycol is utilized in a wide array of different food manufactured for dogs and even for some human food products as well, all with the support of the FDA. Another criticism the company has received is it’s known inclusion of mycotoxins in it’s food, but again, this is a common practice in the pet food industry.

All of this was raised to new heights of media attention back in 2015 with a widely publicized class action lawsuit against Nestle Purina. The court case remains pending but the company has no plans to settle and has publicly stated that not a single shred of evidence of corporate misconduct or dangerous products has been offered. However, the case has had one affect – getting the company to remove it’s propylene glycol. Visit for more info.




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