Venezuela On The Brink Of Economic And Political Implosion

Venezuela was perhaps best known for its outspoken late former President Hugo Chavez. However in since Chavez’s death in 2013, the country has been steadily progressing towards what looks like a financial and political implosion. Even though the country is currently not in the throes of a violent conflict its citizens are living under conditions that are often produced by the kind of destabilization that a war can cause.
According to The Christian Science Monitor lawlessness and gang activity are rising in the wake of Venezuela’s economic and political crisis. The people of Venezuela are living through wartime conditions including the limited availability of critical medicines in Venezuela’s hospitals, food shortages and scarcity of jobs. According to reports, US-based beverage company Coca-Cola has stopped manufacturing the drink in Venezuela due to sugar shortages that the country is currently experiencing. It was also reported  by that one of the nation’s biggest companies Empresas Polar was forced to stop manufacturing beer because there was not enough barley available in Venezuela to produce the beverage. The production of electricity has also reached an all-time low in Venezuela.

Expert Diaz Granados say that the source of Venezuela’s economic and political woes can be traced to political mismanagement. Ricardo Hausmann, a former Venezuelan government official, told The Christian Science Monitor that Venezuela’s economic transformation would only be possible after it underwent a political transformation. Hausmann says that Venezuela’s leader President President Nicolás Maduro is misguidedly saying that the source of the country’s problems is a conspiracy spearheaded by the United States. Maduro’s facebook comments have led a Latin American political stalwart to call him the equivalent of a crazy goat.



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