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Norka Luque, A Musical Miracle

Music was always of vital importance in Norka Luque’s childhood home, so her parents were quick to give their blessings when she began showing interest in learning it. While still in school, she took voice, piano, ballet and flamenco lessons. During those years, Norka entered every contest and show she could get, dreaming about one day making a difference in the world through her music.

After graduating high school, Norka moved to France for college, but she continued to pursue her musical vocation by joining bands and performing live. She learned a great deal during those years, but it was only after moving to Miami that her musical career took off. There, she managed to get herself noticed by renowned producer Emilio Estefan Jr., who became instantly smitten by her art. After inviting her to the famous Crescent Moon studios for a serious conversation, Estefan Jr. committed himself to helping Norka polish her talents through demanding music lessons and vocal coaching. Soon, Norka was recording her first single under Emilio’s passionate and focused style of musical direction.

Composed by legendary musician Archie Peña, the single finally hit the radio stations in 2011. Entitled “Como Lo Haces Tú”, the catchy latin pop song got excellent reviews from both critics and music enthusiasts, even managing to get Norka a nomination for Best Female Pop Artist at the Lo Nuestro awards. Having experienced success, in 2012 an ambituous Norka Luque released the second single of her album, “Milagro” (“Miracle”). The song was composed by Peña in collaboration with the Hermanos Gaitán and Luigi Giraldo, all of whom have enormous experience in the vast world of latin pop music. A groovy mixture of rock, reggae and pop, the song was an overnight sensation in the United States, Puerto Rico and Venezuela.

Today, Norka is working tirelessly on her new music, but still reflects on the huge impact being able to make an album like “Milagro” had in her life. In a very real sense, her entire life had been a road to that moment. “The city of Miami, the sun, the sea and the palm trees have been the silent witnesses of this miracle,” Norka said in an interview with LatinOL. It’s only fitting that the song itself is a message of hope for people who can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel, waiting for their own miracle to happen.

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San Francisco Leader Helane Morrison

My name is Helane Morrison. I work for Hall Capital Partners LLC, a large investment firm in the Bay Area that is currently managing assets worth over twenty -four billion dollars. We manage assets for some of the wealthiest individuals and families in this region. Some of our clients include the late Warren Hellman who established Hellman and Friedman, a private firm that deals with equity. Another of our clients is John Fisher, whose father founded Gap, the clothing line, who we aid in managing his family’s wealth.


I am the managing director as well as the firm’s general counsel. I also serve as the chief compliance officer for the firm. I have worked at Hall Capital for the last five years. Previously, I worked as a daily newspaper reporter in South Florida and then practiced law at a San Francisco law firm where I dealt with business litigation and defended private securities before rising through the ranks to become partner. Later, I worked at the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in the capacity of District Administrator and also as Regional Director. Here I dealt with enforcing security, litigation and regulation for California and Northwest states. I then moved to San Francisco where I headed the Security Exchange Office dealing majorly with enforcement.


Our success at Hall Capital can be attributed not only to our strong returns, but also to our ability to conduct our services differently when compared to other financial firms. At Hall Capital, for instance, we have committed ourselves over the years to employ a workforce that is diverse not only in terms of background and educational qualifications, but also in terms of gender. There are three women at the helm of Hall Capital’s leadership. I am one of the three. The others are CEO and co-chief investment officer, Kathryn Hall and Sarah Stein, the firm’s president. Having three women in leadership is one of the fruits of these diversification efforts. This is making our firm attractive to the women workforce. In other firms, for instance, women are so scarce that they have to hold meetings specifically for women so that they don’t feel left out. Further, we have endeavored to create a work environment that promotes interaction and collaboration. These two attributes are important in running our affairs. As a testament to that, we have created open offices where anyone is allowed to come in. Due our different approach in offering financial services, we believe that our current success is only beginning.



ClassDojo Takes The Cake In Classroom Innovation

A child’s learning experience starts from the moment they are born, and continues throughout adulthood. As parents, we are there for every moment that life and busy schedules may allow. It seems that being involved in your child’s early learning experiences happened naturally, but what happens when they enter their first year of elementary school? For most parents, work and other life events prevent them from being as involved in their child’s school day and school related activities.


When Jill Smith, a mother to a vibrant and hardworking fifth grader found herself asking these questions, she found her answers with in the innovative educational app, ClassDojo. Like thousands of other parents, Smith enjoys the ability to communicate with her sons teacher, and receive exciting updates about his day. Parents can download and access the app on their cell phone and other smart devices, granting them virtual access to their child’s classroom at any time during the school day.


When ClassDojo founders Liam Don and Sam Chaudhary took a good look at the world of education, the felt a few things could use a bit of improvement. Seeing the lack of parental involvement in the classroom, they put their heads together to develop a platform for parents, teachers and students. Class Dojo was built on their determination and promise to improve the rate of communication and parental involvement in every classroom. The app is free and secure, offering parents a worry free way to stay involved in their child’s school day, and acknowledge their accomplishments in the classroom.


Teachers find ClassDojo convenient not only because of the ability to communicate with parents, but also the ability to store and track data. Anything that is uploaded is automatically tracked in ClassDojo innovative system, providing convenience and reliability to educators around the globe. Dojo also offers a great way to encourage students though its social medias like platform. Parents can like and comment on photos, videos and classwork, or communicate with their child’s teacher regarding their day. The point based system is a great way to encourage children to demonstrate positive behaviors throughout the school day, and setting a good example for friends and classmates. Today more than 85% of schools in the United States have implemented the use of ClassDojo, and parents and teachers are being connected, one video at a time.

A Guide To Online Reputation Management

Online reputation management is the process of including more positive content about you or your business on the internet to boost your image online. The right technique helps you to build your image online and promotes your brand among the readers. With the world going towards complete digitization, it becomes important to maintain a good reputation on the internet so that when someone searches your name or business, they see positive information which adds to your credibility in this highly competitive world. Search engine optimization and Google ranking are the key factors in good reputation management. First and foremost step to build or correct your reputation online is to boost your Google ranking by optimizing your pages and website content. This helps in moving your brand to the first few pages of search engines which help in getting more exposure for the brand. Organic traffic is the most important criteria for a good reputation. Try to drive more organic traffic to your pages to improve your rankings. Sharing the positive content on social media pages is a good step in this direction to get organic traffic.

The second step in online reputation management is eliminating the negative information floating about you on the internet. One negative post about a person or a brand can hamper the reputation. This can be done in two ways. Either work towards getting the content removed or push it further down the search results to reduce the chances of people reading that page. Keep improving your reputation by adding good content on the internet about you or the brand and the negative information will automatically fade into oblivion. Another great way to build your reputation is to improve your image search results. Images are the first thing which comes up in search results and a negative image can spoil your search presence completely.

Following these tips will improve your reputation online and help create a positive name for your business.


IAP Worldwide’s Services Never Fail To Exceed Expectations

IAP Worldwide is among one of the top companies in the world for providing logistics solutions, along with enhanced technical expertise and top notch facility management. They have made a name for themselves for being capable of handling any situation in a timely manner and with the highest level of professionalism. They treat their clients problems as if they were there own, to ensure the job is done right every time. The company is able to plan and coordinate solutions on LinkedIn for their clients all over the globe.

Ingenuity and Purpose has specific techniques that make up the base of their approach to their clients. They do not have and standard, one size fits all, solutions. The company always treats each situation as unique and develops strategies for each one. Because of their system based approach, IAP Worldwide Services has managed to put themselves ahead of much of the competition. They are always improving on their ability to create more innovative and quicker ways of getting the job done.

The company has a large commitment to their customers and collaborating companies on They strive to maintain strong relationships and provide total satisfaction in their work. Every client for the company is an asset and is treated as such. This is why the company takes each situation as their own. By making the problem of the client their own problem, they do their utmost to ensure it is handle correctly, which allows them to exceed expectations.

Today, Ingenuity and Purpose has a staff of more than 2,000 people that operate all around the globe in dozens of different countries. With hundreds of different locations of business on, the company is dedicated to solving the challenges of clients in both the public and private sectors of business. The company is currently supporting nearly two hundred thousand people at different military locations across the US and the Middle East.

Not too long ago, IAP Worldwide Services acquired two more companies to add to their list. These companies were Tactical Communications and Network Solutions as well as DRS Technologies. These acquisitions are going to allow the company to provide more services as well as have and improved reach on those with a greater impact.