Norka Luque, A Musical Miracle

Music was always of vital importance in Norka Luque’s childhood home, so her parents were quick to give their blessings when she began showing interest in learning it. While still in school, she took voice, piano, ballet and flamenco lessons. During those years, Norka entered every contest and show she could get, dreaming about one day making a difference in the world through her music.

After graduating high school, Norka moved to France for college, but she continued to pursue her musical vocation by joining bands and performing live. She learned a great deal during those years, but it was only after moving to Miami that her musical career took off. There, she managed to get herself noticed by renowned producer Emilio Estefan Jr., who became instantly smitten by her art. After inviting her to the famous Crescent Moon studios for a serious conversation, Estefan Jr. committed himself to helping Norka polish her talents through demanding music lessons and vocal coaching. Soon, Norka was recording her first single under Emilio’s passionate and focused style of musical direction.

Composed by legendary musician Archie Peña, the single finally hit the radio stations in 2011. Entitled “Como Lo Haces Tú”, the catchy latin pop song got excellent reviews from both critics and music enthusiasts, even managing to get Norka a nomination for Best Female Pop Artist at the Lo Nuestro awards. Having experienced success, in 2012 an ambituous Norka Luque released the second single of her album, “Milagro” (“Miracle”). The song was composed by Peña in collaboration with the Hermanos Gaitán and Luigi Giraldo, all of whom have enormous experience in the vast world of latin pop music. A groovy mixture of rock, reggae and pop, the song was an overnight sensation in the United States, Puerto Rico and Venezuela.

Today, Norka is working tirelessly on her new music, but still reflects on the huge impact being able to make an album like “Milagro” had in her life. In a very real sense, her entire life had been a road to that moment. “The city of Miami, the sun, the sea and the palm trees have been the silent witnesses of this miracle,” Norka said in an interview with LatinOL. It’s only fitting that the song itself is a message of hope for people who can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel, waiting for their own miracle to happen.

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