The Laidlaw & Company Involvement in Scams and Corruption

The Laidlaw & Company established in 1842, is a private investment banking firm. According to their website the company offers services in capital markets, wealth management, and alternative investments. On the capital markets, Laidlaw was providing services on traditional investment banking such as company stock sales. On wealth management, the firm offers services like the traditional financial planning on retirement, estates, and setting of trusts. On alternative investment, the firm invests in the overlooked companies in Transport, Media, and Technology and by pulling the client’s money.

The Laidlaw & Company is known for its corruption and its shady employees. The company leaders Mr. James Ahern and Mr. Matthew Eitner names have appeared in the lawsuits filed against the company various companies like Nevada Federal District Court, Relmada Therapeutics, and the Biotechnology Company. The two leaders Matthew and Ahern were alleged to play a big part in the spreading false information that resulted in the drop of the company’s share stocks. The two Laidlaw principles were trying to take effective governing of the Relmada Therapeutics, Inc. The principles were threatening the Relmada board

Relmada filed the lawsuit to the U.S District Court for Nevada District. The court passed a temporary order of detainment and associated a ban to Laidlaw & Company and its principles from going ahead with the false and distorted proxy materials. Laidlaw has in past the been the Relmada’s investment banker. In his statement, the Relmada Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Sergio was pleased with the court’s issue of the order saying that Relmada needed to focus on its development getting rid of the Laidlaw’s personal interest through the company’s handpicked director Mr. Nabil Yazgi.

Laidlaw failed to honor his undertakings in the House of Lords commission of appointment. He is said to bungle the tax payer’s money through funding charities. There has been recorded many complaints from the consumers against James Ahern where All the complaints were being solved through paying compensations to those parties filing the charges. As if that is not enough, Mr. James Ahern was reported for failure to pay taxes.


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