Air conditioning maintenance tips from Goettl

Sumer is one of the most unpleasant seasons of the year. The influx of temperatures always characterizes it in a manner which is unpredictable. For this reason, any typical home should contain an air conditioner. For this reason, we might consider using the various models issued by Goettl Air Conditioning Company which are made using the highest level of technology and innovation. Ken Goodrich is one of the principal leaders of the company. Therefore, he has placed some facts which one can follow to make a better use of the air conditioning systems this summer.


  1. Check your filters. A clogged system will reduce airflow. For this reason, you will also experience a reduced output of air. The system will also be restrained by a cooling system. The chances of failure will also be increased.
  2. Mind your gadgets. You can also minimize the use of appliances which produce heat in the house. For instance, ovens and dryers must be kept in low use during this period. For a better grill outside, ensure you have a minimized use of the heat-producing appliances. Or better cooking, ensure you rely on the microwaves.
  3. Close draperies. Always ensure that blinds and drapes are kept closed to avoid direct sunshine.
  4. Go programmable. Ensure you have a programmable thermostat. While you are away, you can raise the temperature set by a few degrees. For the normal setting, make sure it is less than five degrees.
  5. Ensure the air is circulating in the room using the ceiling fans. The ceiling will not change the chamber temperature. However, the moving air acts as a way of cooling the room.
  6. Maintain the cooling system. For your system to run at peak efficiency, ensure it is well-maintained before the summer sets in. You can also service it annually.

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