Sam Boraie Is A Philanthropist And Respected Real Estate Developer

Boraie Development is a New Brunswick-based Company that zeroes in on the real estate business.According to, the corporation has made impressive strides in revitalizing and redeveloping the city.

In 2013, Boraie Development put up One Riverview. This building is located at Rector Street. In over fifty years, Newark had never seen a high-rise residential apartment. Sam Boraie played a pivotal role in the development of this building. He partnered with the internationally known star, Shaq O’Neil to put up the apartment. Shaq spent most of his childhood in Newark. This project has helped in transforming the neighborhood of New Brunswick.

In addition, Boraie Development has transformed other cities in New Jersey. In 2015, the company constructed The Aspire. This luxury rental property has attracted a large number of people in the city of New Brunswick. It has a modern and cool design. Located close to theaters, clubs and renowned restaurants, The Aspire continues to revitalize the city. New renters are continuing to enhance businesses in the area, further contributing to New Brunswick’s redevelopment efforts. Boraie Development has plans to construct new commercial residences in the future.

Through his father, Omar Boraie, Sam was able to learn the functions of the competitive real estate industry. Omar founded Boraie Development over three decades ago. Sam together with his brother and sister are vice presidents of the corporation. In his position, Sam has been helping the company to come up with new strategies that will put the company on a growth trajectory. Their father is the CEO of the real estate development company. Through their efforts, they have attracted many companies to invest in New Jersey. In the early years, drugs and crime ruined the inner city. People had to leave New Brunswick and settle in the suburbs. Omar seized the opportunity and constructed big buildings in the slums.

Sam has been involved in different philanthropic activities. He has been passionate about New Brunswick’s State Theater, This institution has been engaging in educational projects courtesy of musical concerts. The center has been in existence since 1920’s. Over the years, it has gone through immense transformation. Its success has been achieved through the efforts of Sam Boraie and the New Brunswick Cultural Center. Today, the State Theater is well equipped and ready for live performances. In 1988, the Theater was reopened. During that night, the Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra performed on the Theater’s stage.

Additionally, Sam Boraie has established a close working relationship with Elijah’s Promise. This institution has been on the forefront of tackling the issue of unemployment and hunger in New Jersey. To this end, this noble organization provides the community with food and different crucial items. Moreover, Elijah’s Promise has been encouraging the youths to engage in constructive activities that seek to maximize social benefits to the community. Sam is an active member of the organization’s board.

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