Tidal Gains More Customers with Desiree Perez

Desiree Perez is doing something amazing. She is bringing Tidal to the mainstream audience, and people are impressed with what this company can do. High fidelity music is getting a ton of buzz, and there is no doubt that more people will see the value of switching to Tidal. The exclusive Prince content was something that gave Tidal a lead. This music streaming service also brought a lot of people music concerts like Tidal X. There is a lot of love for Tidal because this company has broken away from the other music streaming businesses that are currently out there.  Based on billboard.com


That may be the thing that has helped people recognize what Dez Perez was doing. She was not trying to get Tidal to fit in to what everyone else was doing. To the contrary, she was trying to build a music streaming service that would be a leader in the industry. She was really interested in what Tidal might be able to do as a company that was outside of the norm. The exclusive content, the high quality music streaming and the visual aspect of Tidal represented something that was different. This is certainly something that is keeping people mindful of what Tidal is doing.

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The great thing about Tidal is that this company is giving people access to reasonable monthly prices for this service. It doesn’t cost a fortune to sign up for Tidal. With a price that is bound to stay around $10 a month it will be easy for Tidal to lure customers. Desiree Perez is someone that has helped Tidal grow tremendously. People knew about the company, but that was all because of the star power. Desiree actually lead people to do more than recognize Tidal. She helps Jay-Z secure customers with her marketing strategies.  Visit this related site.


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