Josh Verne Offers Helpful Advice for Professional Leaders

Recently, Josh Verne offered practical tips for business leaders who want to enhance their success and grow their companies effectively.


One of the first things Verne discusses is the difference between being a boss and a leader. Verne asserts that it’s better to be a leader, because leaders earn the respect of their workers by looking out for the needs of others. Leaders also portray an example of hard work, instead of being a “boss” and simply ordering people around and demanding respect.


Verne points out that it’s important to listen more and speak less in order to run a company successful. Giving out orders without listening to the needs of team members can lower morale and cause a business to suffer in terms of productivity.


Verne also warns leaders that it’s important to have balance in life. He shares that even if one’s professional life is thriving, a healthy personal and social life is necessary for optimal health.


Josh Verne is known for being the former co-president of Home Line Furniture, and for founding in 2012 before the company was sold to Global Analytics Holding in 2014. Verne’s most recent professional project is, a peer-to-peer content exchange for college-age students in Pennsylvania, founded in 2016.





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