Making It A Safe World – Securus Technologies

There was a need for the correction facilities to have safety input, and the company, Securus Technologies heard them. They decided to create the Video Visitations for the inmates so that they could converse with their loved ones via video. It worked, and many of the customers said that it was a great thing that the company created.


Securus Technologies likes to have its customers and the public know what they are doing in the present and future. They invited them to their Dallas, TX location to see the technologies for themselves. They will get a tour and a presentation of the plant, and get to ask questions too.


When Securus Technologies decides that they want to make the world a safer place, they mean it. They are working on new technologies every week, and they are able to solve and prevent crimes every day. Since they also have the ability to work in both sectors of the justice system, the civil and criminal sides, they are able to do a lot of great work for the public. When the government has them work for them on a regular basis, it is because they need help with their correction facilities, and the company is right there to help. They deal with over a million prisoners at a time, and use techniques like videos, investigations and more. People are watching to see what the company will think of next, and the world knows that they will make it a safer place for everyone.



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