How Using Cleansing Conditioners Can Lead To Better Hair

A cleansing conditioner can leave you with healthier and better looking hair. How can switching from a regular shampoo and hair conditioner to a cleansing conditioner give you better hair you may wonder? The answer has mostly to do with the fact that cleansing conditioners contain very mild cleaning agents. What this means is that a cleansing conditioner will very gently clean hair of oil and buildup but still leave a large part of your hair’s natural sebum or oil in place.

The oil or sebum in your hair is what gives it that nice luster or shine. The oil also helps to naturally moisturize your hair and prevents it from becoming dry and brittle. Hair that is dry and brittle does not look very attractive. Moisturized hair with some oil looks shiny, voluminous and what we consider as healthy and beautiful. By leaving natural oils intact in your hair, a cleansing conditioner will give it a better overall appearance.

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Another benefit to using cleansing conditioners is that if you wash your hair frequently, then you won’t end up with dry or brittle hair if you use cleansing conditioners. Your typical shampoo contains strong cleansing agents. If you use a shampoo frequently than your hair and scalp could be dried out as a result. A cleansing conditioner will not dry hair out because of its mild nature.

If you are looking for a cleansing conditioner to try out or use on a regular basis a good one to sample or use in your hair care routine is Wen Hair. Wen is a popular cleansing conditioner that was developed by the hair stylist Chaz Dean. This cleansing conditioner contains no harsh cleaning chemicals such as sulfates which can cause allergic reactions to people such as skin rashes. It uses a mild formula that is botanically based to clean, moisturize and condition the hair.

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