Wengie Life Hacks Your Colored Hairdo

Coloring your hair can be one of the easiest ways to add a bit of personality to your style while expressing yourself to the world and can be done without the need for expensive salons or products. Though if you are like me and have taken to turning your head into a living palette for all your favorite colors then you understand that colored hair if not done correctly can quickly become a dry dead mess and less of an expression of unique tastes.


Wengie Helps Your Color-Treated Hair Stay That Way


If you are familiar with coloring your hair yourself then you know with certainty that every shower becomes a parade of color while turning your color treated hair into a DIY bath bomb. The color that washes from your hair is not only a sure-fire way to make sure you lose your deposit but also steals the life expectancy of your treated hair.


This isn’t to say you should avoid washing your hair entirely, though you should wash it less than you already do, but just change the way you wash.


Just in time to save your latest treatment, Wengie’s newest life hack video shows viewers how to keep their color treated hair looking vibrant and fresh even after repeated washes.


One quick look at Wengie’s bright hairdo proves that this life hack is worth its weight in sulfate free shampoo.


If you would like to learn how to save your color treated hair please visit Wengie’s Youtube channel.

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