Eric Pulier’s Impressive Background and Philanthropic Activities

Eric Pulier is an American businessman, author, and an entrepreneur. He is the founder of People Doing Things (PDT). PDT uses technology to address on education, social, and healthcare issues in the U.S. He is also the founder of Digital Evolution, which is an interactive agency which in 1998, merged with US Interactive LLC.

He showed his support for children with chronic disease by spearheading the building of Starbright World, which was a social network that could be used by these children to connect with others like them.

His knowledge and skills with computers began at a tender age. While in high school, he formed a database computer company. While in the Harvard University he participated in “The Harvard Crimson” where he wrote a column. He also took some classes at MIT.

He has worked on exciting projects, including “The Bridge to the 21st Century,” which was a Technology Exhibition in D.C, at the 1997 presidential inauguration. The success of this exhibition opened doors for him, and he participated in the healthcare and technology forum of the then Vice-President Al Gore

He has founded several successful ventures like Media Platform, Desktone, and Akana. He partnered with Hugh Taylor and co-authored Understanding Enterprise SOA. The book focuses on service-oriented architecture and has received positive reviews.

Pulier has been known for participating in several non-profit activities. He has also donated to several of these charities. He is a member of X-Prize Foundation where he serves as the board member. The organization is known to hold competitions that are meant to solve greatest challenges faced by humanities. He is also a board member of The Painted Turtle that caters for children with chronic diseases.

Eric Pulier attended the Teaneck High School and graduated from the Harvard University with a degree of Bachelor of Arts.



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