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Dr. Greg Finch Reaches The Pinnacle Of The Orthopedic Surgery Field

The medical field of orthopedic surgery is a well known one of many individuals who have had their bones, joints, tendons, or ligaments worked on by surgeons, such as the world renowned Australian Dr. Greg Finch. One of the areas of importance for Dr. Greg Finch has been the growing use of technology in the field of orthopedic surgery, such as the use of microfracture surgery that helps develop new catrilage by causing small fractures in joints that have become damaged by the high wear and maintenance of the knees.


Not all orthopedic surgery techniques are based around the developments made by sports focused orthopedic surgeons, such as the development of microfracture surgery by Dr. Richard Steadman in the 1990s; other areas of orthopedic surgical procedures can include foot and ankle surgeries that can be developed to combat certain medical procedures and trauma based injuries. Simple surgical techniques can include bunionectomies that can be used on regular occasions to assist in the removal of bunions and other bone based deformities of the ankle and foot.


Dr. Greg Finch has been a major part of the global push towards developing the latest surgical techniques and technologies to make sure patients in the Rockhampton Hospital the orthopedic surgery specialist calls home. As a Fellow of the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons the work of Dr. Greg Finch has been recognized as among the best in the nation for the high level of education and training Dr. Greg Finch has completed as he sought to become one of the leading surgeons in the world.


The work of Dr. Greg Finch has been recognized by a number of important medical groups, such as the Australian Orthopedic Association, who have made the surgeon a Fellow. Dr. Greg Finch has never been willing to remain still in his work as a surgical specialist and set out to develop his career by traveling to various parts of Europe and North America to bring the latest techniques and technologies to his patients in Australia.


President of Highland Capital Management Issues Charitable $1 Million Challenge Grant

James Dondero is the co-founder and President of the Dallas, Texas-based financial firm Highland Capital Management, Inc. In an effort to help the Dallas nonprofit The Family Place earn enough money to complete their new facility, he announced that his company has issued a $1 million challenge grant. This grant will match 50% of donations up to $1 million in support of this nonprofit’s six month Legacy Campaign. Dondero made the announcement during the 21st Annual Texas Trailblazer Awards Luncheon that was held at the Hilton Anatole.

So far, The Family Place has raised $200,000 towards their goal of the $2.8 million remaining for what they need to raise. Their new facility, which will be located in central Dallas and named after Ann Moody, is a new counseling center for family members that are escaping domestic violence. The center will include emergency shelters, medical and dental care, several counseling rooms, and spaces to help people receive job-training. It will also include an animal shelter for those who have pets that they don’t want to leave behind with an abusive person.

It’s expected this new facility will serve the emergency needs of over 2,000 victims of domestic abuse each year. The Family Place’s current facility has been filled to capacity for a number of years which has been limiting the number of people they can help.

James Dondero along with a business partner established Highland Capital Management in 1993. They are an alternative investment firm that has offices also in New York City and internationally. Highland Capital Management has been a highly successful firm under James Dondero’s management and now has over $16 billion in assets under management.

It was in the early 80’s when James Dondero began his career as an analyst. In 1985 he started working for American Express, first as a Corporate Bond Analyst and later as a Portfolio Manager. He started at Protective Life Insurance Company in 1989 where he was instrumental in founding their GIC subsidiary. His success at Protective Life led to their partnering with him and Mark Okada when they founded Highland Capital Management. more of him in


If you are wondering who Vinny Parascandola is, continue reading and discover one of the best managers regarding the insurance industry. Currently, he works with AXA Advisors whereby he is the senior executive vice president.It is a position that he holds because of having the right qualifications and the experience needed to run such organization. He carries out some duties which include the hiring of professionals in the field of finance, ensuring there is productivity in the company, managing development, retaining employees and he is also in charge of sales and marketing.


Vincent holds this position because of he studied carefully and worked with firms to gain experience in the field.He attended school at the leading Pace University, an institution known for business education. He was keen to study computer science, and after school, he began working as a system analyst at a company known as Irving Trust Firm and later went to work with Prudential Insurance where he worked as an agent.


Vinny Parascandola also worked at the MONEY where he was a financial advisor and rose to acquire the position of the field vice president. It was in 2005 when he joined AXA Group because he had the experience that could help the firm to compete with its competitors.

Mr. Parascandola is someone who has worked with many organizations for many years. He has helped many of these companies to achieve their desired missions and goals because he works with diligence and hard work.


He collaborates with the leading management team so as to ensure that financial advisors have the needed resources regarding the education of customers. AXA is a big firm that boasts of having more than six thousand professionals who are tasked with various duties.

Some of the functions performed by the financial professionals include the provision of products that are innovative and coming with strategies that help in investment. Mr. Parascandola’s work is outstanding, and no other person can match what Vinny Parascandola has been able to do. Due to his efforts, he has been recognized by receiving several awards.

Talk Fusion

CEO of Talk Fusion Shares the Advantages of Their Video Marketing Solutions



Bob Reina, CEO and Founder of Talk Fusion is featured on Superb Crew sharing interesting information of the company’s video marketing solutions. Talk Fusion was founded in 2007 providing video email products, and, since then, has grown and developed more video products. They have added video newsletters, video chat, Live Meetings, and Sign-up Forms to the product list. In an interview with Superb Crew, Mr. Reina discusses the advantages of their video solutions, achievements, and the future of their products.



When Mr. Reina was asked to share with the audience the primary users of Talk Fusion’s products, his response was entrepreneurs, non-profits, small companies, and large corporations. Each user receives different benefits. For an example, the benefit for a large company may be to enhance and personalize communications. Small businesses benefit by building customers relations, increasing sales, and creating new leads.



One of the most imperative advantage of Talk Fusion’s all-in-one video marketing solutions is the ability to schedule and host live media. Users also have the ability to view analytics, store files, and organize contact. Clients are capable of scheduling email campaigns to promote their brands, products, and services. Reina said their video communications are simple, efficient, and entertaining.



The greatest accomplishments of Talk Fusion happened last year, says Bob Reina. The company and its product was recognized in 2016 as WebRTC Product of the Year and Communications Solutions Product of the Year. Video chat is named the number one communication program in Indonesia and number five in Japan, in 2016. Talk Fusion growth has expanded to over 140 countries connecting people and businesses across the globe.



Bob Reina said they are planning to integrate WebRTC into all of their products to stay in the forefront of technology. Their video chat, video email, and video newsletters products are built using WebRTC technology. Since the launch of Talk Fusion’s 30-day free trial, more businesses and non-profits are relying on video marketing solutions. Non-profits receive free services to raise funds for their charities and humanitarian causes.


Jason Hope: Changing The World Through Technology

Technology is changing the way the world operates. From everyday objects to airlines, wireless connections control the way they run. In fact, it’s estimated that by 2020, 25 billion objects will be connected through wireless technology.

Bluetooth technology is the component that makes this possible. By transmitting and receiving signals, this technology allows devices to communicate with each other. For instance, Bluetooth technology allows phones to communicate with other phones, computers and wearable devices.

Virgin Atlantic’s Boeing 787 has already adopted wireless technology to make their flight operations safer. Real-time data is collected from this technology and when ground control receives a signal that an engine is running poorly, mechanics are ready and waiting when the flight come in.

From safety item inventory to customer service, wireless technology improves flight operations, making flying safer and more effective. Many airlines have adopted wireless technology for ticket purchases, but it goes beyond this to check-in and gate time alerts. Some airlines have adopted technology advances that allow passengers to track their luggage by a device placed on the luggage tags. So, good-bye to days of lost and misplaced luggage.

Entrepreneur and futurist Jason Hope uses his passion for technology to monitor and make predictions about the future of technology. In addition to his passion about technology, Jason Hope has a passion for helping people live long, healthy lives. In fact, he dedicates his time to researching ways to improve the aging process. Hope also donates to causes that focus their research on preventing diseases instead of simply treating them.

Hope is an investor in Scottsdale, Arizona. He has a degree in Finance and his MBA. While his passion lies with technology, he has a personal interest in politics surrounding Arizona and the rest of the US.

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Celebrity Backing Behind Fabletics

Fabletics has been making a lot of waves lately as the latest fashion retailer. One of the reasons that it has been gaining a lot of fame is that it offers a very unique line of clothing. It offers a new style of activewear that is both unique and fun to wear. The products offer a lot of people new ways to express themselves through clothing. They get to put on clothes that make them feel better. One of the best ways to lift one’s mood is by finding clothes that are fun and wearing them. It is also good to pay special attention to the outfit that has been put together.


However, the company is getting a lot of attention because of the celebrity backing that it is getting. While it is well known that the company has been co-founded by Kate Hudson who is an actor and model, there has recently been a new addition to the list of people who are endorsing the line of clothing. She is Demi Lovato. She has recently collaborated with Fabletics in order to pick out her items so that people will be more encouraged to choose their style of clothing.


Demi Lovato is a speaker for women’s empowerment and body positive living. She herself has struggled with feelings of self worth. She is also speaking for girls to gain the courage to bring forth the change they want. One good way to bring forth the change is to take control of one’s own body. One of the best ways to gain control is through fashion. Fabletics as a fashion retailer is representative of healthy self worth and freedom. When women are presented with a wide variety of options,, they are given a greater sense of freedom.


Demi Lovato is a great match for Fabletics. For one thing, Fabletics is representative of personal freedom and change. Demi is someone who loves to be unique. Part of being unique is finding one’s own style and presenting that to society. When one makes it a point to be unique in the way that she wants to be, she inspires others to express themselves. She is someone who wants others to find fulfillment and confidence in who they really are as individuals. With this collaboration Demi will be able to get her message out to people. Customers will be inspired to work towards a better goal of accepted individuality.

Texas Banking Powerhouse

On November 7, 2016, The Texas Bankers Association’s Annual Strategic Opportunities and M&A conference was held in New Orleans, Louisiana. It was at this conference that the CEO and President of NexBank Capital, Inc., spoke on a panel with other bankers. The focus of the panel he contributed to was “Reinventing Community Banking: Perspectives on Competing by Innovation.”


What happens at the Annual Strategic Opportunities and M&A Conference? Bank leaders, consultants and advisors share their various perspectives about the opportunity and trials that the bank leaders face. Everyone attending the conference looks into the deliberate opportunities through M&A activity. They also look at these opportunities through real organic growth that takes places in the leading banks.


With a charter dating back to 1922 and $4.6 billion in assets as of December 2016, NextBank is able to provide banking services that include: commercial banking, mortgage banking and institutional services. Their main clients include institutional clients, financial institutions and various corporations nationwide.


Strong leadership and a definitive commitment to its clients allow NexBank Capital, Inc. to provide their clients with an unprecedented value to any opportunity that comes its way. NexBank Capital, Inc.’s goal is to provide banking services that are custom, detailed and sophisticated meeting each client’s individual complicated and highly specific needs. Their highly trained bankers keep records on each of their client’s to prove their success.

Know about Seattle Genetics, Clay Siegall’s Company Continued Fight against Cancer

On 4th February, annually, the whole world takes a moment to commemorate the deadly disease, cancer and lives it has cost. In response to the ailment, oncologists around the world spend sleepless nights trying to figure out the best treatment to relieve the patient’s suffering while seeking for a cure.


Seattle Genetic is among the few companies that have dedicated their abilities to assist the cancer patients since 1998. Seattle’s founder, Clay Siegall was interested in the field of medicine and this saw him joining a medical school. Having lost a family member to the killer disease, Siegall felt the need to research for better ways to treat the ailment, and that’s how Settle Genetics was established.


With time, Siegall’s company has managed to generate enough cash to boost its main objective which is supporting the cancer patients in the best way possible. Selling its own drugs is one way in which the company generates cash. Besides, the company earns great revenue from partnerships and licensing of technologies they often launch.


According to Clay Siegall, the company’s President, life in business has not always been a bed of roses for his team. However, whenever a challenge emerges, Clay and his team implement a strategy to by-pass it for the sake of survival. The company seeks for the services of the best sales persons who are passionate in the field of biotech which means more and more customers. Seattle Genetics has popularly been known for its referrals mode of business, but Clay boasts that his team is blessed with great negotiators who are always behind closed doors striking significant deals.

About Clay Siegall


Today, Clay Siegall is the President, CEO, as well as the chairman of the board of his company. The hardworking CEO has held the CEO position in the company since 2002 with about two decades experience in the innovations and leadership.


Clay graduated from the University of Maryland with a B.S. in Zoology. Also, the hardworking specialist earned a Ph.D. in Genetics from the prestigious George Washington University. A few years after graduating from college, Clay got his first employment as a Senior Research Investigator at the Bristol-Myers Squibb Institute.


After few years of success, Clay was promoted to become the Institute’s Principal Scientist. Later on, Clay joined the National Cancer Institute as the Staff Fellow and Biotechnology Fellow. In 1998, Clay Siegall founded Seattle Genetics, a company that he has continued to work tirelessly and judging from his record, and it is clear that he does not intend to slow down anytime soon.


Duda Melzer, Humanitarian

Eduardo “Duda” Melzer has exceeded any expectations and taken the RBS Group to new heights. Thanks to Eduardo, in 2014 the RBS Group was recognized amongst other companies like Google and Globo for creating massive media value for their audiences. Viewers have become educated and customers’ lives have been improved. Other companies recognized were primarily technological. Melzer is proud of his reputation and the fact that he has led the RBS Group to become one of the top 10 most innovative companies in Brazil. More details can be found on Crunchbase.

One of the most notable campaigns started by Melzer was the nationwide campaign to fight crack abuse among Brazil’s youth. The campaign also supported causes of improving education, lowering traffic accidents, and reaching out to the youth. Days of Debates on Childhood and Youth (a national conversation on tactics to improve the quality of life for youth in Brazil) came to existence as a direct result of Melzer’s campaign efforts. He has cultivated a longstanding relationship with the National Council of Justice to assist with the campaign. Crak usage has been decreasing among the youth and for the past 10 years they have worked together to fight it.

According to Acaert, the secret to the campaign was a cartoon cast of six creatures that taught lessons to children during commercial breaks on television. This was an innovative effort and it worked. The cartoons taught the children positive messages that they could understand. The cartoons have been recreated in CGI form to further teach children the importance of an education. With this cartoon campaign, the RBS Group has extended its reach to an entire generation of children and they have changed the face of Brazil. They have given the next generation the necessary tools to succeed. Eduardo Melzer can be called a humanitarian for his leadership and amazing efforts.

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Why an Appointment with a Good Beauty Surgery is Worth It

There are a lot of alternative procedures performed nowadays by beauty surgeons designed to replace the traditional form of surgery. They include lasers, peels, Botox and wrinkle erasers. They are increasingly becoming regular procedures for those who are afraid to go under the knife. But research shows that these procedures cannot match the level of effectiveness associated with the traditional form of beauty surgery where a doctor has to open up some parts of the body to correct things.


One of the reasons why most people are apprehensive about invasive surgery is because of increased incidences of failed procedures with some resulting in deaths. The reason for such fears is that a person may encounter unskilled surgeons who are not good at what they are doing. The truth is that there are a lot of beauty surgeons in the United States who have performed hundreds of thousands of cosmetic surgeries successfully. One of them is Dr Jennifer Walden.


Dr Jennifer Walden is a beauty surgeon with vast experience in a wide variety of procedures including breast adjustment, nose reshaping,lip surgery, eyelid surgery, liposuction and facelift. Her exemplary work has earned her a spot on the Harpers Bazaar’s list of top 24 beauty surgeons in the United States. Her remarkable record as a beauty surgeon also contributed to her selection in the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery board. She is the only woman to have been on the board since it was started. She is a woman who has a strong command of medical knowledge and research in beauty therapy.


Her strong ambitious nature and entrepreneurship mindset made her to start her own medical company known as Walden Cosmetic Surgery Center. She uses the company as a platform to enhance her skills and make a positive impact in people’s lives through her profession. Besides Walden Cosmetic Surgery Center, she has affiliations at Westlake Medical Center, St David’s North Austin Medical Center and many others. She graduated from the University of Austin with a bachelor’s degree in Arts and Biology. She also received her medical doctorate from the University of Texas. Walden also values family, and she always takes time out of her busy schedule to spend time with her two children.

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