Cancer Treatments of America-Serving Their Patients With the Best Care

Cancer Treatment Centers of America has collaborated with NantHealth and Allscripts in order to implement a completely customized solution that will now enable eviti to access workflows in the Allscripts electronic health record. This integration allows the Clinical Pathways program to inform the cancer treatment process without the physicians’ workflow being disrupted.

The NantOS operating system was made possible with the input of countless oncologists and it holds a vast collection of cancer care data. Clinical Pathways has all the treatment options available to help cancer patients and eliminates guesswork. Clinical Pathway has been specifically with the patient in mind and has the latest cancer research integrated into its system.

As stated on WebMD, the treatment platform makes it possible to customize treatment regimens, make comparisons between different treatment options and access current guidelines. It also makes it possible to access possible drug reactions, toxicity, and response rates. The platform supports clinical data and real-time functionality and each treatment regimen is mapped in the EHR and reflects an approach to care delivery.

The new integration makes it easier for physicians to get information form a vast medical library that has over 2,700 of the most accurate and current cancer treatments and cancer subtypes available. The order entry process has also been simplified through the Allscripts Sunrise EHR.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America services adult cancer patients form all over the world through their five hospitals located throughout the United States. They are headquartered in Boca Raton, Florida and have hospitals located in Atlanta, Chicago, Philadelphia, Tulsa, and Phoenix.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America offer many services their patients including genomic testing, surgery, chemotherapy, immunotherapy, radiation, and precision cancer treatments. They provide information and cancer treatment options to their cancer patients and work with their patients in order to improve their way of life.

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