Bruce Bent II a Life of Success and Drive

Bruce Bent II continues to unfold a legacy founded for him by his father and expanded under his own name. Bents time for the financial management industry has allowed him to push the boundaries of what can and cannot be completed as a money management leader. Through his time as the President of the Double Rock Corporation, Bruce Bent II has extended his presence as a leader to provide cutting-edge services to companies and individuals in need of top quality money handling services. Money management is a huge industry, and it continues to be Bent’s goal to provide industry leaders with the tools necessary to further his work.

Like Father Bent
Like his father, Bruce Bent, Bruce Bent II has built his name within the financial lending industry. His time cultivating his business has allowed him to establish himself as an industry leader and cultivator with a knack towards career and peer growth. Bent’s work has helped him to create a worldwide name of his own separate from his father, thus creating a sense of individuality. His father stressed the importance of cultivating a money market, something Bent II would become highly involved in, building his career from the ground up on philosophies cultivated from the market itself.

Working With Organizations
As the head of many lucrative organizations, Bent the II has continued to push himself in helping others to succeed. Perhaps one of the most important organizations Bent belongs to is the Young President’s Organization, an organization built around helping young individuals to succeed in the market place and become leaders themselves. As a member of the Entrepreneur’s
Organization, Bent has provided an outlet for individuals to spur creative thought and recognize their cognitive ability to further succeed as artistic thinkers. Bent’s work is highly focused on helping others to succeed with great gusto. His ability to focus on groups and individuals in need of leadership has made him a perfect leader for the cause.

Bruce Bent II continues to push the boundaries in the financial management sector and is on path to outshine even his father’s legacy as he continues to push forward and shape his career.

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