Honey Birdete Serves the Sensual Woman

Honey Birdete is a venture that was started by Eloise Monaghan, who is an entrepreneur. The brand deals in lingerie for the woman who wants to feel sensual and seductive. Australia had never opened its doors to sensual wear until the launching of Honey Birdete. Albeit new products take time to be accepted, Honey Birdete found immediate acceptance from the customers. People flocked the stores to make their purchases, and within a short time, the first stock was out. Eloise knew that she needed to expand the venture fast to cope with the demand. One strategy was to open more shops in Australia, which has led to expansion to the current 55 retail stores. More retail stores are still upcoming in strategic locations.
Honey Birdete, which deals with play suits, robes and other types of lingerie also found favor with customers in other parts of the continent. Word of mouth reached as far as the U.S and the U.K with clients making online orders. The CEO then opened retail outlets in the UK where the first retail store was at Covenant Garden. Few others were opened at Victoria Gate, and the White City and the brand manager is up to open ten more stores in the UK this year.
The director has also launched an e- commerce shop in the U.S., with the intention of reaching more customers in the location and satisfying the current market better. The decision followed the increase in regional sales to 374% in the last one year. The need to satisfy the niche market caused the management to come closer for faster deliveries and quicker returns. The move would also personalize the services. Honey Birdete also intends to set up some retail stores in the region soon. The above will increase the tangibility and access of the products to the niche market.

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