OSI Group move to dominate food industry in Europe

David McDonald is the president and chief operation officer of OSI Group, and he has served once as project manager for OSI industries. He is also a member of OSI Group’s board of directors and director of OSI International Foods (Australia) Pty Limited.

OSI Group is a world leader in processing and supplying quality food products and customized solutions for the entire food industry. Most of the food industry players like Starbucks, Subway and Burger King among others rely on OSI Industries for simplified food development processes. The company is committed to satisfying their customer’s wildest desires.

Career opportunities in OSI Group Company

The company believes that its success is largely attributed to its competent employees and in return, the enterprise provides a good working environment and a chance for career advancement. They also offer rewarding opportunities to their employees. Click here to know more.

For over hundred years, they have been providing best and quality food products. By joining them, you will discover a working environment where innovative ideas are met with enthusiasm and opportunities for career advancement.

Below are the links you can use to initiate your job search


 www.stepstone.de

 www.stellenanzeigen.de

 www.LZnet.de


 www.gov.uk/jobsearch


 www.cvonline.hu


 www.pracuj.pl

 www.olx.pl

if you are from Asia-pacific, you can send your resume torecruit.china@osifoods.com.cn

Acquisition of Baho Food and Tyson Food, Inc

OSI Industries has indicated that they acquired a controlling stake of Baho Food based in Netherlands. The company is a leading producer of fast food including snacks, cheese, and delicatessen meat and distributes it in over 20 Europe nations.

OSI Group president commented that this acquisition would boost their goal of reaching every part of Europe and a chance to serve the growing market.

Also, the company purchased Tyson Food, a food processing facility in Chicago, Illinois. This became their second plant in Chicago. Senior Executive Vice President said that the service would enable them to meet the dynamic markets. And a great chance to offer quality services.


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