Vinny Parascandola: A Force to Reckon In the Global Financial Advisory Sector

Vincent Parascandola is a renowned corporate executive with unmatched expertise in recruitment, developing financial professionals, and managing sales development. Currently, Vincent serves as the senior executive vice president of AXA Advisors. With over 25 years of experience in the financial advisory industry, Parascandola has made his name as one of the globally sought after financial advisors. Over the years, he has won several awards thanks to his unique managerial skills. One of the most prestigious awards that he won was the GAMA Career Development and Master Agency Award.


Career at AXA Advisors


Vincent Parascandola joined AXA Equitable in 2005 where he served as the executive vice president. Before ascending to the current position, he held several posts in the company. In 2009, he was named the president-continental division of AXA Equitable. During his tenure at this position, Mr. Parascandola was responsible for sales, compliance, human resource, recruiting, expense management, management development, training, and operations. You can visit Rocket Reach for more details.


The motivated and hardworking Vincent was promoted to serve as the chief sales officer and president-continental division. At this position, he was responsible for sales, profitability, recruiting, and productivity of all the 46 AXA Advisors branch offices across the United States.


After successfully managing the profitability of all the AXA Advisors branches, Parascandola was elevated to become the senior executive vice president a position he holds till today. Currently, he is responsible for growth and development of more than 225 financial professionals in Central New Jersey. He also oversees recruitment and training of new advisors. He is also in charge of maintaining profit margins, improving productivity and managing overall sales growth.


Education and Career Background


Vincent Parascandola graduated from the Pace University-Lubin School of Business with an undergraduate bachelor degree in computer science. Vincent began his career in 1986 serving as a system analyst at Irving Trust Company. He later worked for Prudential where he was crowned the National Rookie of the Year. Winning this award was a great motivation to the young Vincent as it helped him realize that he had the potential to turn things around. Before Joining AXA Advisors, Vincent worked for Mony Life Insurance where held several senior positions including financial professional, managing director, sales manager, and field vice president.

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