ClassDojo, Changing the Education For the Better

Have you ever wondered what your kids are learning in school? Have you ever wanted them to learn something that might help them but you’re unsure of how to address it? Well, there is now an app for that. It’s called ClassDojo and its purpose is to connect teachers, parents, and students in a way never thought of before.

ClassDojo doesn’t believe in the one size fits all model of a classroom because it simply doesn’t exist. Every student, teacher, and parent has different ideas on education and what the classroom should be. With ClassDojo parents, students and teachers have the power to form the best classroom that fits their individual needs and ideas.

Here’s how it works. The format allows for students, teachers, and parents to share videos, ideas, pictures and lesson plans for the classroom, making the experience much more hands on than traditional methods. If your child has a question about anything educational then ClassDojo has the answers. Your child will never be left behind again, wondering why they simply don’t grasp a subject. The teachers will benefit from knowing exactly how a child is struggling, and the parents will have the power to help out even more at home. A child’s education should be the most important thing to a parent, as such parents should want to know exactly what their children are learning and how they excel or struggle with the subject.

ClassDojo is no doubt the next wave in educational innovation. So, discuss this with your child’s teachers and school administrators. This could help to shorten the gap between students, parents, and educators.

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